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Sexual Selection and Reproductive Behaviour

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Abie Joiner

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Sexual Selection and Reproductive Behaviour

Sexual Selection and
Reproductive Behaviour What is Sexual Selection? Darwin (1871) If a particular trate increases the chance of reproduction, then that trate is adaptive The Peacocks tail is an example of this, it is large and prevents it from flying but attracts females Sexual Selection involves: Intersexual competiton -
Choosing between members of
the opposite sex Intra sexual competition -
competing against members
of the same sex How does Sexual Selection effect human behaviour? A. Type of sexual partner chosen B. Kinds of reproductive behaviour A - Females Invest more biologically need only one male to fertilise them Prefer males with signs
or quality, resources and
commitment Females are attracted to males with... high status domminance physical (genetic) health high energy levels symmetrical facial and
body features resource sharing kindness A - Males invest less biologically will invest time and resources to compete with other males for access to females prefer; quantity, quality
and exclusive access with
minimal commitment of
resources to each partner Males are attracted to women with... fertilty youth child-like facial features "hour glass figure" physical (genetic) health symmetrical features shiny hair sexual faithfulness b. Females are... choosier more attracted by psychological
characteristics more likely to exaggerate physical attributes more jealous about emotional
infidelity attracted to marrige to encourage
commitment of resources Whereas males are... less choosy more attracted to physical
characteristics more likely to exaggerate resources attracted to marrige to encourage sexual exclusivity and.... are more jealous and disturbed by sexual
infidelity than emotional infidelity Joey doesn't seem uspet that Kathy might love chandler, but is angry about the fact that they were physically involved Parental investment theory Females are more invested
than males because.... Anisogany - the gametes of the two
sexes are not equal in size Internal gestation Parental certainty - the female always knows
that the offspring are hers The sex differences in parental investment
affect mate choice and competition.These effects are show in the number and duration of sexual relationships they prefer
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