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To what degree was the War of 1812 truly a Second War for In

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Cassidy Morgan

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of To what degree was the War of 1812 truly a Second War for In

To what degree was the War of 1812 truly a Second War for Independence? Consider the battles, the politics, and the peace settlement. Compare it to the Revolutionary War.
Was Second Revolutionary War
-British grievances spurred war: Indians, sailors, trade
-America stood up for itself against the wrongs, real or perceived
-Group of New Englanders opposed war, sectional differences increased
-More political than military
-End result was not recognition as an actual independent nation, but recognition as a respected nation
-Unified people within the nation, not just its borders.
-In an economic and a diplomatic sense, the war created greater independence
Wasn't Second Revolutionary War
-Less overall enthusiasm toward the war during the actual war
-The War of 1812 was a political and military disaster for the country
-No alliances
-Hartford convention
-Ended with a virtual draw, territories regained in Treaty of Ghent
- Original issues weren't addressed

Do you think the War of 1812 was more or less like the Revolutionary War? Do you think it could qualify as a second Revolutionary War?
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