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Circuit Board Fabricators

No description

Kevin Lenzendorf

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Circuit Board Fabricators

Company Profile
Circuit Board Fabricators Inc.
Small manufacturer of circuit boards
Located in California near San Jose
Companies such as Apple Computer and Hewlett-Packard use CBF to make boards used as prototypes of new products

Batch Shop
Four standard-size board configurations
Plant designed to run 1,000 boards per day
Currently typical order = 60 boards
Include multiple stages that each require a number of machines, employees, or both.
Process Flow Chart
CBF has hired us to help determine why they are not able to produce 1,000 boards per day
Plant designed to run 1,000 boards per day, but produce 700 on a good day
There is a 20% defective rate in the manufacturing process of these boards
15% rejected at the inspection
5% rejected at the final test

Circuit Board Fabricators Inc (CBF)

Kevin Lenzendorf
David Bimmel

Short-Term CBF Solution
1. Add another machine to each of the cleaning and coating stages
Production increase from 900 parts/day to 1,800 parts/day

There is still a problem in the Final Test stage because with the defect rate of 20%, 1,003 parts isn’t sufficient enough to produce 1,000 parts
Add another 2 machines and 2 employees to increase from 1,003 parts/day to 1,293 parts/day

Short-Term Solution(cont.)
This would be a good short-term solution so that CBF can manufacture the 1,000 circuit boards that they would like to produce
Adding the machines and workers would allow the process to take place with all stages able to produce 1,000 circuit boards after defective boards were removed in a 7.5 hour shift

Long-Term Solutions
CBF might want to look deeper in to the problem of specifically what is causing 15% of circuit boards to be rejected at the Inspection stage and another 5% at the Final Testing stage
If CBF was able to figure the cause of defectives they could reduce the number of machines and employees and become much more profitable in the long run
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