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Compare and Contrast French and Russian Revolution

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Fernanda Oliveira

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast French and Russian Revolution

5 major causes:
1. Absolute Monarchy
2. Estate System
3. Economic Injustice
4. The Enlightnment
5. Other Revolutions

3 stages:
1. The Tennis Court Oath
2. The Great Fear
3. Reign of Terror
French Revolution
Nicholas II

Compare and Contrast French and Russian Revolution
By: Elisa Liu and Fernanda de Oliveira
Similarities and differences
Russian Revelotion
Various causes
- Absolute Monarchy
- The first Revelation
- World War 1
- Marxism
- Rasputin
Instead of stages, various small revolutions
- February Revolution
- October Manifesto
Led to the creation of the soviet union
- Caused by Absolute monarchy
- Inspired by other Revelations
- Resulted in mass murders
- Overthrew their leaders and form of government
- Wanted equality

- French turned into democracy, Russia turned into a communist
- One in 18th century, other in the 19th century
- French Revolution lasted 10 years, Russian was a smaller time and was made of small revelations
Important People
Marrie Antoinette
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