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Engineering Management 2 Presentation

No description

Artini Subramaniam

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Engineering Management 2 Presentation

Social environment - Dense population
- Higher education level
- Core cultural value Selection

Scope of Business Plan

Mission & Objective

Business Model

Opportunities of Business Gantt Chart Nomination Smart Pen Child Protection System (CPS) Notiwatch Nominations Idea Tech Service All ideas are worth doing Instead of choosing one idea and stick to that product. Came up with a service that plans and designs ideas. Sell the designs and ideas to corporate companies that uses technology. Overview Slim Clean Machine Scope of Business Plan Technology Mission & Objective Create a team of professionals Decide a location, equipments and structures of our company Opportunities of Business Hi-tech companies would always look for new ideas. Customers are always attracted to the new technologies Engineering Management 2
(Initial Presentation) Gunaselan (4224035)
Nithiyan (4223659)
Artini (4225309)
Anis (4225031)
Natasha (4226852)
Joshua (4230981) Virtpad Business
Entertainment Mission:
Eases human's workload through corporate companies that are based on technology. Objectives:
a) to introduce new technologies into existing products.

b) convince companies to buy our ideas. Business Model 1st design: Virtpad Plan, brainstorm and come up with a design R&D:
-Smart Pen
-Child Protection System
-Slimclean Machine Sell the idea to big corporate companies Earn a certain amount of profit from them Gantt Chart -pen
-slide control -GPS tracker for parents
-GPS chips for children. -With only 2 wheels
-Has handle (like motorbike) -Watch
-Vibrator -Tablet
-Virtual keyboard For a start we are going to focus on Virtpad and do a further research on it. Lecturer: Mr. Bernard Wong Final Presentation
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