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Shereen Qaddoura

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Resources:

Classroom Instruction
Classroom Management that works!
Common Problems

5 main teaching areas

Classroom Instruction


The reality of teaching includes managing a class of unpredictable and individually unique students. Though there are no cookie cutter methods to managing children, there are numerous resources that can turn a frustrated teacher and struggling class into an effective one. With technology becoming a fabric of our society, the demand for it in the classroom has become vital.

Remind 101
Cost: $0.00
The point of this app is to solve communication in order to help teachers teach.
Example: reminder about field trip, homework, or projects.

Remind 101
Remind 101
An exceptional online school management and student information system with grade book, pass a note, attendance, seating chart, news, upload documents, email parents/students, online assignments, and student information.
sycamore education
Sycamore Education
Sycamore education
Teacher's Page
According to the American Psychological Association, "Educators have consistently rated discipline as one of the most serious obstacles to promoting effective teaching."
The following resources can be used to maximize any philosophy of discipline and
make it a practical and efficient process in the classroom:
Cost: $.99
A teacher can personalize her wheel by entering 6 different prizes.
This application is designed to motivate students to behave in class.
Cost: $0.00
The application helps in improving behaviors and engagement in the classroom by rewarding and recording real-time feedback. The teacher can access this through her/his phone, computer, or tablet.
Class Dojo keeps up with a percent score by showing each positive & Negative behaviors
Class Dojo allows teachers to personalize the behaviors
Teacher can put rewards for each positive point a student earns
Cost: lite version for free
Pro for $2.99

the application helps by keeping the classroom with a low noise level or however the teacher adjusts it to.
OH NO! It is tooooo Loud!
Be careful .....
Teacher can adjust the volume according to activity.
Cost: $.99
is designed for teachers by recording behaviors or actions throughout the day. The behaviors can be saved or emailed.
Cost: $0.00
The application allows for a fast way to document and record behavior in the classroom using QR codes.
Challenging parents is an aspect of teaching that can challenge even veteran teachers. Parents can range anywhere from being overly involved or completely absent.

When parents feel confident that students are learning and the teacher is challenging students in a creative fashion, they become more confident in the teacher and tend to ask less questions.
Technology for classroom instruction contains the richest amount of resources and
research. There are a plethora of resources available, using all types of technology in
order to enhance instruction. The following resources can be used to maximize the use of technology toward classroom instruction in the class
Cost: $0.00
Is an application that engages the class by allowing teachers to select an activity where it will control the flow of questions and games.
Cost: $2.99
Allows a teacher to pick a name from the virtual stick pick and use Bloom's Taxonomy related questions. Then, the teacher can individualize the level of difficulty pertaining to each student. Data can be shared and emailed to the teacher and parents.
For teachers who are feeling frustrated and overworked, technology can provide structure and realistic ways to maximize time in the classroom.
Your Classroom
Students learn at home through online lectures and homework is done in class. This creates a personalized classroom in which teachers can focus on student understand of material instead of how to present the material.
Don't reinvent the wheel
Managing lesson plans through planboard

Align your lessons to standards
Add your schedule
Replicate lessons from previous years

Cost: Depending on membership
Allows students to watch different animated movies about specific subject matter then it tests students with their knowledge of the subject matter with an interactive quiz.

Some features of Brain Pop are different animated movies, quizzes, perfect for informal and exploratory learning at home or on the go. Also, Brain Pop is ideal for kids in grades 3-8

Cost: $0.00
Provides a safe and easy way for both students and teachers to engage and collaborate anytime and anywhere. Edmodo allows teachers to continue classroom discussions online, give polls, and award badges to students based on performance or behavior. Also, teachers can track student progress and capture understanding, confusion, or frustration.
Find mini-lessons and activities for every subject
Teachers can browse through grades, topics, and subject matter
Students can listen to the audio while reading a book
Classroom Pace
Keep the pace of the class moving at a health pace by using www.online-stopwatch.com
Students can keep track of their own pace if projected on the board.

"Daily Hadith"
Start class with a discussion on a Hadith. Project a hadith from the "Daily Hadith" app or hadithoftheday.com/daily-inspiration
Digital Check off Sheet
Instructions can be found on sharingkindergarten.com
Though the site explains how to use the app for kindergarten, this can be customized for any grade level.
Teachers can track student progress
Teachers may add assignments with the benchmark met for each assignment
Teachers can create reports or just view how many assignments use certain benchmarks and students performance or mastery of each benchmark
to wrap it up...
Though there are many challenges to teaching, technology can assist teachers in all aspects of the classroom, including classroom management.
Technology has shifted from instructional assistance to a complete way of managing the classroom.
With some effort on the part of the teacher to set up these resources, a teacher can facilitate a smooth and efficient class from the beginning of the year until the last day of school.
Win A Spin
School Page
Sending a message
Phone app
Teacher's Class Behavior Pro
Teacher Clicker Socrative
Provides greater understanding of math concepts
How the message looks like
By Mehnaz Kafray, M.Ed & Shereen Qaddoura, M.A
There are many school-wide options

- Rediker
- Edline
- Sycamore
Requires all teachers to participate
All inclusive (grades, parent-teacher communication, calendars, newsletters, library, lunch, school news, etc

assign a Day
Teacher managed calendar
Can be shared with students
Make a shared calendar with other teachers
Cost: $0.00
Track Class
Free personal planner for students
Student managed
Students can receive text messages or emails before each assignment due date
Students can add notes and save files

Cost: $0.00
DROP it TO me
Securely receive files from students to your dropbox account
Give students a unique upload address with password protection
Easily collect and organize assignments into categories
Cost: $0.00
Too Noisy
So what's the
Why did my child get an 86%?
When are you teaching cursive?
Why can't I chaperone?
Why can't you tutor my child 1-on-1?
What do you mean he's missing a study guide?
How come he's not a hafiz yet?
Why isn't she ranked #1 in the class?
When is the test?
Create weekly newsletters using Microsoft Word or Publisher
Keep parents in the loop about what students are studying, announcements, hw due dates, etc
Google Calendar
Let parents know you are accessible by allowing them to book appointments
Tell parents when you're available to reduce surprise visits
You create available times
Give parents the link
Option of accepting or denying
Receive reminders before the appointment

1. Email parents with updates and changes
students get home

2. Create a private Facebook page for parents only. Let parents
all the activities you're doing in class!

3. Don't be shy! The point is to
parents their children are having a good educational experience

4. Be proactive.
with parents,
Record your lessons
Show Me
Students can reference the videos later
Parents can use it to help their child with homework... correctly
- Scholastic
- Teachers Pay Teachers
- Discovery Education
- edHelper
- Smithsonian Education
- The Teacher's Corner
- USMint.gov
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How do you deal with missing assignments?
How do you communicate grades to parents?
How do you motivate students?
How do you keep a behavior log?
How do you communicate with parents? Is it time consuming?
How do you keep the noise level down?
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