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Elevation through communication

Katie Chrisman

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Edify

Elevation through Communication Introduction PR Director Creative Director Chief Communication Officer Media Relations Manager Project Manager Social Media Manager -Oversees strategic vision and operation of the agency
-Works with Chief Communication Officer in correspondence with the client
-Delegates responsibilities to individual members of the agency -Works with account team to develop creative programs and design concepts
-Oversees strategic creative vision of the agency and specific client projects from concept to presentation
-Manages and inspires quality work from team members -Oversees a wide variety of public relations projects
-Develops PR plans and manages staff to meet deadlines
-Maintains organization of group tasks -Guides communication both internally and externally
-Maintains contact with clients, stakeholders, and social media outlets
-Enhances client's image through various resources -Scans media outlets for relevant information about the organization and stakeholders
-Drafts relevant content for appropriate media outlets and works with them during events
-Establishes and maintains relationships with media contacts -Moderates and oversees our social media presence
-Raises brand awareness through social marketing campaign through the most relevant social websites
-Establishes relationships with online community by identifying key influencers Our Inspiration Make up blurb here Our Local Hero There's only one Sam Bradford Our idea of beautiful See the campus from new heights Our favorite gathering spot Creativity starts at Cafe Plaid Our recommendation for Tsetsura Tsetsura's Tour de Frat Our hiding place on campus The Bizzel's best kept secret Our Contact Visit our Website
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Email: Our Contact Visit our website

Follow us @Edify4403

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Edify4403@gmail.com Our Team We are a group of young professionals committed to revive your brand to its highest calling. We create, we communicate, we edify. We are a group of quirky students with unique perspective. Full of unstifled creativity, we absorb the world around us and create something fresh.
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