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Implementing the unstructured learning strategies

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on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Implementing the unstructured learning strategies

Implementing the structured learning strategies
Learning Objectives
Theoretical Part
Role of the HR-developer
Coordinating the program
Micro skills
Structured learning strategies
Semi-structured strategies
Case Study
Learning outcomes
Important actions and skills of a HR developer for successfully managing and coordinating a learning program

Difference between structured and semi-structured learning programs

Important knowledge about the structerd learning programs: Role Play, Discussion, Case study and Experimental learning
Theoretical Part
Implementing the structured learning strategies
Case study 9.2 p.319
Minh Tri Dang
Wolfgang Kneringer
Role of the HR developer
Coordinating the program
Micro skills
Structured learning strategies
Semi structured learning strategies
The discussion
Case study
Question 1
What did the HR developer fail to do or do inadequately?
Answer Question 1
Question 2
Answer Question 2
Question 3
Answer Question 3
Fully conversant with the programmed knowledge

Capability to conduct the learning strategies

willing to help the learners

dealing honestly with the learners

place interest of the learners above personal
Ensure all learner have been notified

Arrange the training room

Prepare material for the learner

Check electrical equipment and training aids

Check all safty aspects

Check guest speakers availability

Check readiness of other HR developers


Using the visual aids

Creating learning objectives

The skill session

The theory session

The lecture
HRD encourage the learners to provide information.

Use question to elicit information.

Manage the learning process.
The case study
Learn analytical and problem-solving skills

To reflect issues and situations

Should be long enough

Include two parts: narration and question
Experiential learning
Is an active experience

Is referred as learning through the action...

There are four techniques:
Learning instruments
Sensitivity group
The role play
Two types of role play:
The pre-planned role plays
The spontaneous role plays

The facilitator must ensure that:
Role player must confidence
There is no regression
In detail, describe what you would have done after the role play to ensure this situation would not have happened?
Examine 'A close look 2.2' on page 47. What hegemonic assumption is Jason experiencing?
Trainees didn´t have the same level

Failed to test the participants

Failed to identify the clear problem

Failed to observe the role players

No Feedback during the role play

No Feedback after the role play
First summarize the role play (viedeoing or tape recording)

Check the understanding of the participants and observers

Personal Feedback
Role of the HR-developer

Coordinating the program

Micro skills

Structured learning strategies

Semi-structured strategies

Experiencing about Mezirow's three levels

Using the knowledge-generation process in different ways

Children are being developed at emancipatory learning.
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