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What materials are used to build a rocket?

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Alexis Reid

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of What materials are used to build a rocket?

Materials used in rocket design
How do we make the Rockets?
What are rockets made of ?
-Titanium -Nickel
- Aluminum -Chromium
- Magnesium -Yttrium (nick-RAL-ly.)
- Carbon -carbon fiber
What is a rocket:
a. Projectile, explosive.
b. Composed of a nose, body tube, and fins.
c. Examples are: Airplanes, space orbiter.

To explain and understand how rockets are made and what proper materials are used to create it.
Rockets are usually built in a long rod-like shape with a cone on top.
Fins are attached on the back to stabilize flight control.
These are the main parts of the rocket.
Presented by Reina Morse, Jacob Ramirez, Zoe Shong & Alexis Reid-Millender.
JH Hull Middle School
Ms. Mars Science Class Period 1
Presentation Date: 6/12/15

-Rocket technology was invented by American scientist Robert Goddard in 1926 using a liquid-fueled prototype.
What materials are used to build a rocket? How are they able to move itself outside of our atmosphere?
Rockets are very useful for traveling into space.
They are used to gather up information about the known and unknown universe and help scientists discover and solve mysteries.
Reference & Websites
-Rockets are coated with a metallic alloy of nickel, chromium, aluminum, and yttrium (nick-RAL-ly,)

-Along with the protection against weather, this mixture of metals provide an amazing heat insulator, reducing the temperature of the rocket on re-entry of the atmosphere by about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Although most rockets used by governments for research, organizations are very reliable, there is still great danger associated with the building and firing of engines.
Rockets have a high chance of malfunctioning and ending in a fiery explosion.
Spacecrafts are very hard and extremely expensive to make, making it especially heart-breaking when a rocket somehow gets destroyed and billions of dollars are wasted.
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