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Cedar Point

No description

Halia Stidham

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Cedar Point

Cedar Point

In conclusion, you should really consider taking you and your family on a family day trip to Cedar Point. You should take the trip because there are so many amazing, fun for everyone, and family things to do. They have great meals, outstanding rides, live entertainment and so much more. Also, even though it is probably expensive for your family it is definitely worth it. Taking a trip to Cedar Point is absolutely a Thrilling adventure.

Going to Cedar Point is very fun but there are prices that have to be paid such as gas, food, and tickets. The tickets from age 3 to 61 and 61 to 85 the price is $34.99 each. Eating is also possibly costly if you plan to eat. Also you will have to travel there and back so gas can be pricy. Even though it may be costly all of the meals and thrill rides are sure to give the guarantee that you will enjoy every part of your trip.

Not only does Cedar Point have affordable prices but also they have the best rides of all! Such as Blue Streak, Gemini, Magnum XL-200, Mantis, Mean Streak and so many more for your enjoyment. That's just the roller coasters. Cedar Point also has blood curdling thrill rides for those "Adrenalin Junkies." For younger children or anyone the park has family, kids, and water rides. Don't forget about the meals at Cedar Point there are many places to get a great meal. You can choose from 23 places to dine out all having an affordable cost for you and your family.
Why should you Go?
Cedar Point amusement park
According to Cedar Point's website, Statistics show that Cedar Point amusement park has been named the best and leading number 1 amusement park is the U.S. Cedar Point is the best place to take a day trip with you and your family.
Rides and Meals

Because of Cedar Point being named the best amusement park in the U.S. that's is definitely a main reason why. Cedar Point is filled with family fun things such as live entertainment. Also they have a "Soak City" water Park with rides like the "Thunder Canyon" and even family rides. You should take a day trip to Cedar Point because they have great dining, amazing rides, a water park and they are open almost half the year
By: Halia Stidham
Katelyn Kitchen
Ethan Cima
Hunter Taylor
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