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Louis De Buade

Louis De Buade was a French solider, and a Governor General of New France. I hope you find this prezi helpful. ENJOY!

Erin Kaur

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Louis De Buade

Who was Louis De Buade?
Louis De Buade was a French solider, also a Governor General of New France from the time period of 1672-1682, and than after 1682-1692 until his death. What was Louis De Buade's, job and why was it important?

Louis de buade was a governor general. His job was important to soliders, and for New France. And the wars or fights they had. Louis De Buade's dad was the captain of the royal castle. Louis De Buade's mother was the daughter of a secretary whose secretary was of State of King Louis, and the King was also Louis De Buades godfather. Louis De Buade entered the military where it was in the rank of Marshall Camps. Louis had fought many battles for different countries example some were France, Germany,Italy and Holland. He had become a Governor General of New France in 1672. Louis De Buade Would return back to a New France after the huge war in 1689.Instead of calling Louis, Frontenac the king called him the Governor General.
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