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Assignment: Cooking ad Eating

No description

alex trotter

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Assignment: Cooking ad Eating

Writing Assignment:
Cooking and Eating Why would food cook faster in a pressure cooker? What is one example of a chemical change that food goes through as you eat or digest it? Water boils at higher temperatures when under pressure, causing the food to cook at a higher temperature, causing it to be cooked faster
What is one example of a physical change that food goes through as you eat it? As you are chewing your food, it slowly gets mixed in the stomach, and at the same time is converted into smaller particles, in a liquid suspension. a very large amount of much smaller particles increase the surface area of the food, allowing digestive enzymes a larger area to act upon. one example of chemical change, would be, as you eat the food, it is the release or gain of energy. A large amount of substances absorb energy in order for a chemical change to occur. during chemical changes, energy is absorbed in cooking, such as baking a cake. Since a pressure cooker is at a higher temperature,
it is important to let it cool down, and also take caution when opening it. people can get injured from opening the pressure cooker before letting it cool down, because it is very hot
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