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Formative Assessments

No description

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Formative Assessments


S-O-S Summary:
This formative assessment can be used at any point in your lesson. The teacher presents a statement on the board, overhead, etc. (S), then asks for the student’s opinion (O), and then asks the
student to support (S) their opinion with

Formative assessments, or assessments FOR learning, are the heart of teaching. The heart must continue to beat consistently, just like our assessments, in order to keep us effective and moving forward.

Designing Assessments
1. Choose an essential standard.
2. Deconstruct the standard into simpler terms of knowledge and skills.
3. Choose types and number of questions.
4. Create assessment collaboratively.
5. Create a rubric.
6.Administer test in a consistent environment.

Create a Podcast
Students create short videos, where they explain their reasoning or topic.
Teachers create podcasts to check student understanding and it's creative.
Bounce Cards:
Students take what their peers say and
an idea off of it,
sum it up
it or ask a
regarding what their peers say...

That reminds me of...
I agree, because...
True. Another example is...
That's a great point...

Sum it up:
I hear you saying that...
So, if I understand you correctly...
I like how you said...

Can you tell me more about that?
I'm not sure I understand....?
I see your point, but what about...?
Have you thought about...?


Formative Assessments
"Vital To Our Teaching"

Here are some commonly used forms of formative assessments that we "loved" and how we can transfer/apply them in our own classes.
Application to my practice:
In ELA I could use this for character development. Using the statement below. Students' would copy the statement on their S-O-S Summary sheet and complete it.
S- The main character is genuine

How can I apply this in my own classroom?
Students are designing their own math lessons.
I have provided research options.
Creating scripts.
Healthy competition.


PURPOSE: Activate students as monitors
of their learning.

- At the beginning of class, each student is given a STACK of
three colored cups - (1 Green, 1 Yellow and 1 Red), with
green starting on on top.
Cup Color Meanings:
GREEN CUP - Shows they fully understand the task, and can
help others that do not.

YELLOW CUP: Shows they may have questions about the
assignment, but can continue working.

RED: Shows that the student wants to ask a question.

Note: Questions can be answered by students showing a green

* The use the colored cups helps teachers make adjustments in
instruction to better meet he students learning needs.
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