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Maricay Mauro

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of TLC

What is TLC?
Anna Plan
The Anna Plan is a primary intervention program that was founded in Anna, Illinois over 15 years ago by a team of Reading Recovery Teachers.

In Anna, entire classes of K-2 students visit the reading room where the teacher and 3 Reading Specialists work with small groups of students grouped by DRA instructional levels.

The students come to the Reading Room 4 days a week for 25 minutes a day.
Why did we choose this program?
Over half of our students were entering 3rd grade with a DRA instructional level between 12 and 20. (28 is the expected norm)
Common instructional practice
Collaborative plan
Inclusion of all students and instructional staff
Daily Tier II RtI reading instruction to scaffold all K-3 students
Increased instructional accountability
Improved instructional outcomes for students in grades K-3
Daily TLC Lesson Plan
Daily Time Schedule
Session 1: 8:15- 8:45 Grade 1
Session 2: 8:50-9:20 Grade 1
Session 3: 9:25-9:55 Grade 2
Session 4: 10:00-10:30 Grade 2
Session 5: 11:30-12:00 Grade 3
Session 6: 12:05- 12:35 Grade 3
Session 7: 12:40-1:10 Grade 3

Collaborative Planning Time


Regular education teachers
Reading teachers
All teaching simultaneously
Target Population- K-3
30 minutes of reading instruction four times per week in addition to Guided Reading (Friday- Tier III interventions)
Our 3rd grade students were not making AYP.
Goals of TLC
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Introduction of New Book
- Heggerty phonemic awareness activity
- Introduce new word wall words
- "Debug" and activate prior knowledge
- Locate unfamiliar words
- Introduce and model strategy
- Students read book first time
- Listen to students read
Assessment with Running Records
- Heggerty phonemic awareness activity
- Review word wall words
- While teachers are administering running records,
students will be re-reading the new book from this week as well as previously read books in their book bags.
Word Work
Heggerty phonemic awareness activity
Making words
Guess the Covered Word
Onset and Rimes
Work Wall Work
Practice with cut-up sections of text form new book
Lakeshore Learning Material
Journal Writing
Heggerty phonemic awareness activity
Model mini lesson
Use language experience to write about the new book of the week
Reinforce familiar words
Stretch words to approximate spelling (invented spelling)
Reading and writing instruction for every child 4-5 times a week
Weekly data collection to guide instruction
Building a community of responsibility for the success of the students
Scaffolding Instruction
Student excitement to go to TLC
Teacher Perceptions of Benefits
Fast paced
Maintains students' interest and focus
Small group targeted instruction
Predictable structure
Working with different groups of students
Students demonstrate more confidence in small groups
Collaboration among staff
Additional reading instruction

TLC has made a significant difference in student achievement in reading.
Students who participated in TLC were more likely to meet expectations than in previous years.
Student attitudes toward TLC and reading were positive!
Demographics of Our School
Welcome to the TLC Room

is a large, urban community located on the southern most edge of Cook County.

560 students are enrolled at Washington- McKinley School

53% Hispanic 43% Black 2% White 1.5% Multiracial

21.5% LEP
15% IEP
99% Low Income (Qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch)

52.5% Mobility

Washington McKinley
K-8 General Education Classes
K-8 Special Education Classes and Services
4-8 Self-Contained Transitional Bilingual
K-8 Alternative Program
2nd Grade
Actual Growth vs Expected Growth
2009-2010 vs 2010-2011 School Year
QAR –Question Answer Relationships
Guess The Covered Word
First year including Kindergarten students

2011-2012 school year students are expected to leave at a DRA 4.
Out of 29 students- 80% exceeded this standard
The average of the students came into TLC reading at a DRA 1.6
The average of the students left TLC reading at a DRA 6.
1st Grade 2011-2012
The average of the class came into TLC reading at a 3.6 DRA Level
The average of the class left at an 18.6 DRA level.
A DRA 18 is the expected
2nd Grade 2010-2011
This group of 2nd grade students have had TLC for two consecutive years.
The expectation for a 2nd grade student is to leave at a DRA level 28.
The average of the class left TLC at a DRA level 26.6
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Room Set-Up
Dividing Walls
Four Teachers in the Classroom
Word Wall
Book Selections
Collaborative Planning Time with Teachers
Choose strategy for the week
Choose word wall words
Plan activities
Discuss student progress
"Switch Bins"
For more information
feel free to contact us at:
Washington-McKinley School
Chicago Heights, Illinois

Gretchen Sutherland- Principal
Joe Matise- Asst. Principal
Gretchen Sutherland- Principal
Joe Matise- Asst. Principal
Dorothy Kijek- Reading Teacher
Carmen Del Toro- Reading Teacher
Maricay Mauro- Reading Teacher
Washington-McKinley School
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Teaming for the Learning of All Children
2011-2012 3rd grade students
*Now 4th grade students
The average 3rd grade student came into TLC reading at a DRA 25.7.
The average 3rd grade student left TLC reading at a DRA 40.
The 2009-2010 3rd graders came into 3rd grade reading between the levels of
2011-2012 3rd Grade
2011-2012 First Grade Students
2011-2012 Kindergarten Students
3rd Grade Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
Kindergarten 2011-2012
Kindergarten 2011- 2012
1st grade 2011-2012
3rd grade 2011-2012
Visiting Anna, Illinois
Word Work
Folders/Logs/Book Bags
Tender Lovin' Care?
What does TLC stand for?
Reading Recovery
Four-Blocks Literacy
3rd Grade Reading AYP

2012- 77%
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