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English presentation about the advantages and dangers of robots and industrialisation

Marlise van der Veen

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Robots

Disadvantages History The use of robotics Advantages - Save labor and reduce cost.
- Human is bad for the product
- Product is bad for the human
- Quality Taking over the world? Robots History
The use of robotics
Conclusion Conclusion Advantages Disadvantages There has to be found a balance! There has to be found a balance! Robots till 1700 A.D. Robots after 1700 - Talking doll
- Steam powered robot
- 20th century most important
- Industrial robots
- Unimate
- Father of Robotics
- Shakey - Body structure
- Muscle system
- Sensory system
- Power source
- Brain system How a robot works Shakey Unimate Sorts of robots - Mobile robots
- Industrial robots
- Collaborative/service robots - Research robots General disadvantages Expensive
Resources needed
Limitations of robots RoboCup Moral disadvantages People lose their jobs
Gap between countries
Gap between rich and poor
Contribute to war (drones)
Robots get too powerful - Soccer
- Rescue
- Home
- Junior Would you mind if hospital staff was supported by robotics? Would you mind if the hospital staff completely consisted of robotics? Would you mind it if the hospital staff completely consisted of robotics even though you couldn't see the difference? Hi, I'm Diego. - Greeks and Romans
- First robot 400 B.C. : wooden pigeon
- Al-Jazari (1136-1206)
- Many inventions in the 1700s
- Progress 1800 Contents Save labor & money Moral issues
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