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The Electronic Nose

No description

Dan Parsloe

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Electronic Nose

L Griffiths
R Noorderhaven
D Parsloe
V Patel
D Wignadasan

Biomedical Presentation
How does it work?
Mimics the receptors in our nose
Array of chemical sensors
Detect families of chemicals
Each sensor responds differently
Creates a pattern
Potential Uses
The Problems
Human nose
Medical applications include using the Electronic Nose for easy and quick detection of diseases by using smell
Problems in medicine
What is the electronic nose?
How does it work
Recent Developments
Potential uses
Monitoring the long term health of patients

What is an electric nose?
Mimics the human olfactory system

Detects specific chemicals

Obtain easy and early diagnoses of disease by smell
Medical uses
Replacing mammography?

Electric Nose and lung cancer

World's second most deadly infectious disease.

Portable device to diagnose for Tb

Detecting the changes in 7 different molecules
The Electronic Nose
Any Questions...
Being able to obtain early and easy diagnoses of diseases

Finding ways to diagnose diseases in less developed countries
Other uses?
Checking for poison gas in war zones

Ensuring the quality of beer

Detecting dangerous levels of ammonia in the International Space Station
Can we diagnose a disease by smell?
Biomedical Engineering

http://img.medscape.com/news/2014/dt 140501_lung_cancer_800x600.jpg
http://www.nih.gov/researchmatters/december2010/images/infections l.jpg

Images courtesy of...
Quality control laboratories

Process & production

Field of crime prevention & security
"Sniffing out" Harmful Infections & Harmful Bacteria
Spotting the Superbug MRSA
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