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New Heritage Doll Company

No description

Nathan Huynh

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of New Heritage Doll Company

New Heritage Doll Company
Design Your Own Doll
Match My Doll
Cris Mendoza
Kevin Luc
Nathan Huynh
Victor Perez
In 2009
Generated $245 million revenue
$27 million operating profit from production, retailing, and licensing
450 employees
The committee sought to understand project inter dependencies and the potential for a given investment to strenghten the whole company
Initial Investment $3.5 million
PV Cash Flows is $9.0 million
NPV of $5.5 million
IRR: 11.09%
Payback Period: 8.1 years
Profitability Index: $2.56
Initial Investment $6.8 million
PV Cash Flows is $13.1 million
NPV of $6.3 million
IRR: 8.02%
Payback Period: 10.3 years
Profitability Index: $1.92
Design Your Own Doll Working Capital Assumptions
Match My Doll
Design Your Own Doll
Match My Doll Working Capital Assumptions
Propose the Design Your Own Doll Project
Higher NPV
Best measure when comparing two mutually exclusive projects
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