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Below Ground

No description

Elana Steinlauf

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Below Ground

Below Ground
What are we doing here?
Step 1: Where are you going?
Step 2: Through the turnstile
Step 3: Finding your Platform
We are inviting the public to look below
the surface
Step 4: Finding your
Step 5: Arriving
New York Pizza Connection
Tokens ---> MetroCard
Each MetroCard swipe is tracked and is an acceptable alibi if you are accused of a crime
What's the busiest station in Manhattan?
The dirtiest train?
Framing Union Square
Miss Subway
Putting your feet up on the seat
isn't just rude-it's a crime and you
CAN get arrested
The first air-conditioned subway cars weren't introduced until June 1967
The 7 train was the last to get air conditioning
-By 1993, 99% of the cars were cool
Personal Mobility
The Subway is a microcosm of the city itself
1904: $0.05
1948: $0.10
1980: $0.60
1986: $1.00
1990: $1.15
1995: $1.50
2003: $2.00
2009: $2.50

March 22, 2015: $2.75
The Subway is the skeleton of city
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