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No description

Destiny Williams

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Italy

My Destination!
My destination is Italy. Italy is a very bright country, when the sun goes down all the lights come on. Their flag is sectioned into three equal parts, the colors are (left to right), green, white, and red.
My Visit
Traveling Expenses!
On a plane, it will take 15 hours and 7 minutes for a round trip, to Rome, Italy. This trip also includes 2 stops in Washington, D.C., and the other in Newark. This all will come at a fair price of $1,682 dollars.
Some attractions that you can visit in Italy for a low cost are The Colosseum, The Colosseum is a self guided tour that you will be able to experience the past of Italy. some other attractions to visit are the Walkabout Florence tours , Duomo di Milano tour, Pantheon , and the Grand Canal!
During my visit I will be sure to abide by the rules even though they have some crazy, out of the box laws, such as; men are forbidden to touch their genitals also, men are not aloud to wear skirts. Something that would bug me is that, its illegal to build sand castles on the beach.
Travis,David. The Land and People of Italy. Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY. 1922.
Davis, John A. Italy in the Nineteenth Century: 1796-1900. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2000. Print
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