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The Tortoise & The Hear

Story Telling

Chelsy DeLaney

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The Tortoise & The Hear

Double click anywhere & add an idea One day a hare was bragging about how fast he could run.
He bragged and bragged and even laughed at the tortise, who
was just so slow. What a joke! the hare thought
A race, yes a race, What fun. A Race,
Of course, mr. Tortoise, we shall
race! Said, the hare The tortoise streached
his long neck and challenged the hare to a race, which of course just made the hare laugh! THE TORTOISE & THE HARE the forest animals met together and mapped out
the course. The race began, and the hare, being
such a swift runner, ran so fast and left the tortoise
far behind, but soon after, about half way through the
race, the hare realized he has plenty of time to still
beat the tortoise. So the hare took a nap. In the meantime, the tortoise continued to push on, everly so slowly taking each step at a time, but never stopping. When the hare finally woke up, he took off faster tahn he had ever ran before, he fianlly got up to the finishline, when he was greated by the tortoise!
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