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The Extent to which Female Teenagers would Go to Enhance Themselves for Facial Beauty

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Nadya Owleyes

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of The Extent to which Female Teenagers would Go to Enhance Themselves for Facial Beauty

Nadya Ow
Koh Wei Xin
Wee Si Jia
Rosemond Tan

The Extent to
which Female Teenagers would Go to Enhance Their Facial Beauty

As female teenagers, we are self conscious and sometimes very fixated with beauty and how to enhance it.

An American study has
shown that most females are more self-conscious than males.

Thus we want to find out to what extent female teenagers in Singapore would go to enhance their beauty.
Our Interest
Pre-survey: to find out if female teenagers in Singapore are fixated with beauty and their definition of beauty
Sample size: 28 RGS Girls
Survey: to find out what extent female teenagers would go to enhance their beauty
what ways of improving their beauty they would go for (plastic surgery)
how much time they would spend per day on beauty improvement
how much money they would spend on certain facial products
Literature Reviews
Our Research Methods
would NOT do plastic surgery
is the longest they would spend per day on improving / maintaining their facial beauty
is the most they would spend on facial products
used products to have more beautiful skin
used products to get rid of blemishes and acne
used products to have clear skin
used products to keep their skin clean
On Skin...
On Aesthetical Surgery...
think major surgery is fine
simple - medium
the largest reason most
fear of being discriminated by family and friends
people wouldn't do it
surgery is fine
Literature Reviews
"many women measure themselves against and aspire to attain the ideal portrayed" in the mass media
Features seen as beautiful:
big eyes, strong nose, plump lips, fair skin
Future Plans
Male Vanity?
Lack of research in that area
Larger Sample Size
More females!
Makeup and Products
Simple Aesthetic Surgery
Medium Aesthetic Surgery
Major Aesthetical Surgery
What Females Find Acceptable
Common Products Used
Reasons Behind Usage of Products
Teenagers in Singapore would go to a great extent to enhance their beauty.
To what extent would teenagers go to enhance their beauty?
What particular aspect of beauty are teenagers interested in?
What would teenagers do to enhance their beauty?
How much money would they spend on enhancing their beauty?
How much time would they spend per day on beautifying themselves?
Would they go for plastic surgery?
Female Singaporean teenagers would not go to extreme extents to enhance their facial beauty.
Research Questions
British women spend around £100,000 a lifetime and 1h 45min a week on cosmetics.
What Females Would Do To Enhance Their Beauty
Teens view plastic surgery as a way to fit in whereas adults find it a way to stand out
Survey Findings
Survey Findings
Unlike the teenagers involved in the American studies who are willing to undergo plastic surgery just to fit in, Singaporean female teenagers are mostly unwilling to undergo plastic surgery at all.
As compared to British women, Singaporean female teenagers would only spend $350 at most on facial products. However, Singaporean female teenagers would spend 1 hour at most on beautifying herself, more than the 15 minute daily average for British women.
95% of the survey respondents would not go for plastic surgery. Only a minority of 5% are willing to go for plastic surgery.
As compared to women from Britain, Singaporean female teenagers are spend less money on cosmetic products but more time beautifying themselves.
The greatest amount of money one would spend on beautifying herself is $350, least $0.
The greatest amount of time one would spend one beautifying herself is 1 hour, the least none at all.
Most female teenagers in
Singapore are unwilling to go to the extreme to enhance their beauty, despite the great influence of the mass media these days.
We could not find articles targeted specifically on Singaporean female teenagers
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