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Proposal for logged out version of support page

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Porkchop

Prezi is a piece of software that sits in the cloud.
It's designed to help you present your ideas with greater impact.
Your first prezi
Start making your first prezi now. It's easy and intuitive to use.

We recommend you start with a template . Unlike other applications, Prezi templates are more than just style and theme choices. Prezi templates are designed with specific use cases in mind. From climbing a mountain to resolving company tension, there's something for all your needs.
Add your content
Search for images using Google or Flickr and put them straight onto your prezi canvas, or upload pictures straight from your hard drive.
Add text by clicking anywhere to open up a text box.
Share your ideas with the world

Share your prezis with your friends and coworkers and work on your ideas together.
Download your work as portable prezis and send them to anyone anywhere regardless of whether they have a prezi account.
Take your ideas with you
Prezi for iPad and Prezi iPhone allow you to work on present your ideas straight from your mobile device. With the apps downloaded your Prezi library will automatically sync to your tablet or phone so that you've always got your ideas at your fingertips.
Download the apps now
Get out of the cloud
Need to work on your ideas offline? Subscribe to a one year Pro license and get Prezi Desktop, the offline version of the Prezi editor. Work on your prezis on the plane or train. Maybe even on a boat, or the backseat of a car... or a spaceship!
Sign me up for a Pro License
It's how you frame it
Frames are placeholders for your work. Put your ideas into groups and then place each group in a frame. Then you can move frames around the canvas to show the relationship between your ideas.
Take the right path
Set a path between your frames to take your audience on a journey through your ideas.
Living for the present
Hit the present button to enter Present Mode and show everyone what you've been doing.
find the original at:
"Make it pretty"
"spice it up"
Sounds good!

One thing I'd like to add: Make sure to try out a few different versions of this. I'm interested to see how different approaches to "tour" affect users. I can do user testing on the various versions and get some input from new users.

I would be cautious about using the terminology "Milestones" on the tour page. We need to be careful that we are not forcing the user into our internal structure.

I think a good approach to take on this page is an overview of the main features (templates, text, images, present, share, download, offline, mobile apps) but not force users into any sort of order.

We should optimize this page for understanding of Prezi and what it can do. This can be measured with user testing - if people can explain what they can do (and how) in Prezi just from seeing this page.

Looking forward to seeing this as it develops.
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So you want to make a presentation, eh?
Prezi is great for making presentation when you have a visual story to tell, when you need to work together with others or when you're just plain tired of other tools.
Once you're signed in, click this button to create a new presentation.
Not online?
Pro users can create offline presentations with Prezi Desktop?
Become a Pro >>
Choose a Template
Templates are specially designed by our team to help you structure your story.
Tell visual Stories
With Prezi you are not limited by the edges of a slide. Let your ideas fill up the canvas and show relationships between them with arrows and shapes.
Zoom in to details and Zoom out to see the big picture.
Prezi is one big unlimited canvas. Zoom all the way in. Here your ideas aren't limited by the edge of a slide.
Ok, if you are having slide withdrawal, use frames to box in your content.
Tie it all together
Draw a path through your presentation to send your audience on a visual journey. Attach each frame to the path to include it in your presentation.
Get a second opinion
Share your presentation with a friend or colleague and edit it simultaneously.
Check and Double Check
Use the present button or click on your path thumbnails to walk through your presentation and check to see if there's anything missing.
You created a great presentation that will wow the crowd! Now the time has come. Put on some deodorant and present!
Present Remotely
Download the file
Right from your browser
Invite people to view your prezi and they'll follow you as you advance through your path.
Take your presentation with you anywhere you go (extra useful for offline presentations). No extra software needed.
Pro users can also edit!
No extra software needed. Anyone can join!
Take your presentation on the go
View on iPhone
View and Edit on Ipad
groups is going to be launched. we should say something about that when we launch too.
Try us free

Sign Up

Create your first presentation now!

Check it out
Wow that audience
They wont know what hit them.

Templates in Prezi offer a sample structure and style in one complete package.
TIMELINE as a sidebar nav?
How can we make this part sound more like an actionable item and less theoretical?
This part is missing at the end. Important to let them know they can present offline.
Callie's Soup of Ideas
Fear Placation
Result of first brainstorming with David U and Dani K
For Mr. Udvardy
List of Potential Nuggets
Demo / Graphic
Whiteboard experience
Drag and drop media onto the canvas
Demo with
Key words
easy to use
we do the work for you
great starting point
group content
slide withdrawal
drag and drop
easy to find images

get your stuff on the canvas
take people on a journey
control the camera
local / global / online / offline
real time
Project: Porkchop
The Order
The Brainstorming
The Story

Gallery of beautiful templates
search for generic template --> more precise search --> select --> load --> fill
(placating the fears of not having an abundance of the right kind of templates)

From frame to frame --> simple transition
select a frame in sidebar --> change layout --> zoom out --> Add frame (drawn) --> adds to path
(frames are here to save you from the huge canvas)

Whiteboard - drag and drop
select frame --> add image --> d&d from sidebar
Replace image

Present to the room, to the building, to the world
Click Present --> Screen --> Room --> Building --> World

Zoom in --> thought bubble --> make a change --> zoom back out
these are overlapping, right? (dani)
Page layout
Create Better Presentations
Make presentations that stand out as you zoom to the details and reveal the bigger picture.
Follow the 5 steps below to get started.
Beautiful templates that are right for you
Our stunning designs are constantly updated so there's always something that's relevant to your needs.
Frames are the new slides
Group your content, add it to a path, and Prezi effortlessly zooms through your story
Easily insert your pictures videos
Drag and drop pictures straight from Google image search, your hard drive, or photo stream. Import your PowerPoint slides, or embed YouTube videos–all with just a few clicks.
Present from any screen to anywhere
Present your work to the other side of the world or across the room using Prezi from your iPad, iPhone, or PC.
Collaborate in real time
You and your coworkers can work together and watch as each other's changes happen instantly. Follow an avatar to see what that person is working on.
Click to get started or download Prezi from the App Store now.
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