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The City of Ember

No description

Harry Silber

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of The City of Ember

The Ember Series
by Dan, Harry, and Tommy
The first book,
The City of Ember
is about a dying city which is the only light in the dark world. A girl named Lina finds a mysterious box but her younger sister Poppy gets to it first. Poppy finds an old and wrinkled piece of paper, and shovels it into her mouth. Lina extracts all the pieces from Poppy's mouth but needs help from her friend Doon to read whats left of the paper. Will they discover what the paper says?
The 2nd book of ember is called
The People of Sparks
. In this book, a group of people who live in a town named Sparks had been living a normal life. But one day they found a big group of people who needed help. The leaders of Sparks decided to help the people. They had a deal and the group of people would stay for six months. However, there were some conflicts between the two groups of people. Many arguments arose. They began not to trust each other. Will a disaster happen? Or will they come to an agreement?
The 3rd book of Ember, The Prophet of Yonwood. Nickie Randolph just moved to Yonwood, NC. There is a lot of chaos because of the horrible vision (which is thought to be a vision of the future). A woman named Althea Tower sees a vision. Brenda Beeson, who thinks that the prophet is giving orders from god, tries to figure out what the prophet is saying and decrypts some words like, No lights! No Dogs! She gives orders based on those words. Some people are upset about giving things away. But will this eventually help? Or will it be a big disaster?
The fourth book of Ember is called The Diamond of Darkhold. Two kids go on an adventure and something troubling happens. Read to find out!
This story is fiction because it is about a city that is the only light in the dark world.
Lina's character traits are adventurous, curious, helpful, and kind.
Torren's character traits are mischievous, impatient, bratty, twittish, and trouble-making.
The main characters of this series are Lina, Doon, Torren, Nickie, Grover, Mrs. Beeson, Washton Trogg, and Scawgo (Tim).
Doon's character traits are brave, determined, smart, curious, and risky.
Washton Troggs character traits are self-centered, a leader, and cruel.
Nickie's character traits are helpful, kind, thoughtful, caring, and animal loving.
This series is great for making inferences. The author sets us up with clues but not the whole picture. In this book, you have to look very carefully at the details. Our whole group did a great job doing that. For example, Harry inferred (in the first book) that the lights of Ember would go out soon because the blackouts were getting longer and longer. Another example is when Dan inferred (in the second book) that the leaders of Sparks were very considerate because they actually agreed to let the strange group of people live with them. To add on, Tommy inferred (in the second book) that Torren was mean becuase he was purposefully creating discord and confusion among the ranks of the new people.
Grover's character traits are animal lover, persevering, and adventurous.
The setting is a very important aspect of this series. It runs a lot of the series. Many things happen mainly because of the setting. The main settings are The City of Ember, The Village of Sparks, The Town of Yonwood, and The City of Darkhold.
Mrs. Beeson's character traits are determined, friendly, well meaning, and hardworking.
Scawgo's character traits are kindhearted, caring, and considerate.
Thanks for watching! We hope you want to read our series!
This is a series in which you have to read the books in the order of which they occur.
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