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Comparing Julius Cesar and Abraham Linclon

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Skyler Grove

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Comparing Julius Cesar and Abraham Linclon

Comparing Julius Cesar and Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was the 16Th president of the United States. He saved the Union during the U.S. Civil War and brought about the end of slaves. He was and is considered one of America's greatest hero's. His impact on the U.S changed the way we think about people. He died because he was murdered, or assassinated if you would say. He was assassinated by a person that, earlier took a picture with him.
* Both had great impacts on their countries
* Ruled a country
* Had a lot of power
* Changed the world
* Helped in wars
* Both were leaders
* People still look up to them
* Both were Assassinated
Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln have many similarities and differences. We are going to be talking about all of their similarities. To begin they were both leaders, and had a great amount of power. They also both ruled over countries and had huge impacts on their countries. Surprisingly they were both assassinated too. You can't forget that they both changed the world in their own individual ways. People also still look up to both of them because of what they did in the world. They also have helped out in wars. Abraham Lincoln protected the Union in the civil war. Julius Caesar was a soldier in many wars. In their lifetime they were both involved with wars.
Julius Caesar
Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar turned the Roman Republic into the powerful Roman Empire. His reign, and his life, ended on the Ides of March. His birth marked a new chapter in Roman history. By the age of 31, he had fought in many wars and got involved in Roman Politics. Even after he died, the Roman Empire was changed forever.
By: Skyler A. Grove
* http://openstudy.com/updates/51ae4153e4b06ee3ee2620dd

* http://www.biography.com/people/abraham-lincoln-9382540#synopsis

* http://www.biography.com/people/julius-caesar-9192504#synopsis
Abraham Lincoln Julius Caesar
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