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The first countries to join the UN

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Chris Rickett

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The first countries to join the UN

History of the United Nations
San Francisco
Talks regarding the United Nations
Representatives from the 26 countries that faced the Axis (Germany, Japan etc) in WW2 met on the 1st of January 1942 in Washington D.C with the hope of forming the UN. President Roosevelt was the first person to suggest the name United nations for the allies of WW2. They concluded that they would use their full resources to defeat the Axis but agreed not to make the UN at that time.
If you found this Chris
You are very talented at finding small things.
Representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco between April and June 1945 (just after World War 2) to complete the formation of the United Nations that had been expanded on since the Washington D.C meeting. The United Nations was initially formed in order to stop the atrocities that happened in WW2 such as the genocide of the Jewish population.
Washington D.C
The formation of the United Nations
In 1994 the UN was heavily criticized for it's poor handling of genocide in Rwanda, at this time Rwanda was also in the UN and they received no help from the rest of the world as their civilians were slaughtering one another over ethical purposes (Tutsi vs Hutu). Not only did the UN not help, they sent men in to rescue any foreigners caught in Rwanda. This came as a massive surprise as the UN was partly formed in order to stop genocide. The UN promised that this poor handling will be improved.
Where and when was the United nations formed?
What are some incidents that involved the UN?
In 2012 Syria confirmed that it possessed chemical weapons but insisted that they would only be used against other countries in case of attack. The use of chemical weapons is prohibited by the UN. As the civil unrest against the government grew the use of their chemical weapons was used by the Syrian army on the rebels, the rebels also have been rumored to have used chemical weapons. After both sides denied use of chemical weapons the United States took samples and they had obtained definitive proof that 'sarin' had been used and had killed between 100 and 150 people. On September 9 2013 Russia urged Syria to put it's chemical weapons under international control. The Americans threat of attacking Syria after the chemical attack of August 21 2013 was not approved by members of the UN (especially Russia) and due to this the United States was prohibited to send troops to Syria. On September 14 2013, US and Russia announced that they reached a deal on how Assad should give up his chemical weapons.
Who are currently observer states and therefore not currently in the UN?
Vatican city (in rome)
The Vatican city also known as the 'holy see' which is run by the pope and is currently an observer state and not a full member of the UN although Italy is part of the UN.
Palestine is also an observer state in the UN. Kosovo, Taiwan and South Sudan are also not officially part of the UN.
Genocide in Rwanda
The use of chemical weapons in Syria
Who are currently not part of the United Nations?
New Zealand
Where is the United Nations main headquarter and what special rights does it have?
Manhattan, New York
The United Nations headquarters is in Manhattan, NY. It is very large and consists of an 18 acre site (which is 7.28434 hectares) The united States does not own the complex though as it is owned by all the member states. The complex is open to visitors and they process most of the UN matters here. In fact the complex has it's own fire department and postal service.
As you can see the UN plays a massive part in human rights and keeping peace in the world and making the world a better place. Where would we be without the United Nations?

By Chris Rickett
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