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Tuborg - Carlsberg "Supply Chain Management"

Türk Tuborg - Carlsberg "Tedarik Zinciri Yönetimi" (Dilara Özkılıç)

Dilara Ozkilic

on 24 November 2017

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Transcript of Tuborg - Carlsberg "Supply Chain Management"

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
For the domestic market 3 days
For the exports 20-30 days
Controlling whether correct order is sent to customers or not.
Getting feedbacks from customers
The rate that must be completed is 99, 5%
Weekly meetings

Türk Tuborg

Company Overview

Supply Chain Management

Information flow




3PL System

Supply Chain, Business, Distribution, Procurement, Product Positioning Strategy

Customer Service


Conclusion and recommendations

Türk Tuborg's Brands
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Strategy
Product Positioning Strategy
Procurement Strategy
Is to remind invariance Quality Standards of Turk Tuborg to the suppliers
Is to provide minimum costs without decreasing quality
Supply Chain
Information Flow
Sourcing (1)
Content Page
Mission Of The Company
Sourcing (2)
Corona, Leffe Brune, Leffe Blonde, Leffe Radieuse, Hoegaarden and Guinness (super premium beer)
Carlsberg (premium beer segment)
Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Fıçı and Tuborg Special (standard segment)
Skol and Venus (economical beer segment)

Distribution Strategy
Business Strategy
Fundamental mission is to create a permanent partnership.

Product quality Consumer satisfaction

Distribution channels; Wholesale and Retail
The distribution plan is to increase the sell volume by expanding distribution channel in the country
They target Top hotels to small restaurants in an on-trade scale with various retail stores in off-trade scale

Inventory and Storage
The company was founded in 1967 by Yaşar Holding

Started production in 1969

First beer of the private sector

Carlsberg purchased the %95 of the company in 2001

Historical Background
Being profitable in the sector

To be a leader in terms of development

To be first preference of customers

To keep the brand as fastest growing brand in the

Vision Of The Company
Company includes different cultures and different
ways of doing business in it.

The main purpose is to keep these differences all together and create a common value.

Barley comes from Urfa

Malt, comes from abroad;
Danish Malt Group

Hops are coming from
America and Germany

Maya comes from Denmark

Boxes come from firm called
Rexam located in Manisa

The bottom of the boxes are
supplied from a company
called Limo located in Tire

The items they cover on
the box comes from Mersin

Horizontal and server system

SAP Software Program with some of
its suppliers and they deliver their needs and orders to suppliers through SAP Program

Point-of-sale data with their TT-Boss devices

Türk Tuborg does what it does
best which is manufacturing beer and outsources other activities such as transportation, packaging, labeling.

Türk Tuborg’s manufacturing capacity is
260.000 hectoliter beer per month

Demand will be 300.000 hectoliter
beer in June 2014 (Seasonally changing)

Make to stock

There is a standard for inventory which is
the lowest products in its stock should be minimal at the amount of next month’s seven-day sales

"One bottle is one customer"
Distribution center Transportation, location near markets, availability

Export make to order
Domestic market make to stock

Company follows both
push view

In foreign market (pull view)
In domestic market (push view)

Needs to be able to respond changing market conditions
Being flexible and creating a quick solution are the main parts of its SCM strategies
Continuous development
Quality, cost, customer satisfaction and
employee development
will be the main areas to focus on
strengthen supply chain organization
On time delivery
Ray-Nak , TLS, Borusan Logistics, CEVA Logistics
DAP for sourcing, FCA or CIP for exports
Sea and road transportation
1 warehouse and 8 distribution center

Using both Bidding and Negotiation
Filtering Machines

Efficiency-focused Supply Chain
‘’Low demand and supply uncertainty‘’
Summer season exception
Domestic sourcing
‘’4lt water for 1 bottle of beer’’
Company-owned water sources

Conclusion and
Procurement Customer
Domestic market
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