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Brenda Speir

Professional introduction for FRIT 7230

Brenda Speir

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Brenda Speir

Brenda Speir's Professional Introduction
Hi! I live in Richmond Hill, Georgia, which is just outside of Savannah. I have lived here for 18 years although I am originally from Oregon, which is where I met my husband. I have two daughters...
Ella, who was 4 and a half here but who
is now almost 11.
Hayley, who was 8 and a half here but is almost 15.
Here is my husband, Ron. We have been married 18 years.
Thanks for watching!
I love to travel and was able to accompany my husband on a trip to Italy. This is Venice.
We also went to Paris. It was wonderful! This is Versailles.
We love going to Disney World.
I went to Oregon State University where I earned a BA in liberal studies and an MAT in elementary education.
I have been teaching for 23 years. I subbed for a year and a half, then taught 7th grade math and science for half a year, a fourth/fifth blend for two years, sixth for one year, third for 16 years, and fifth grade math for one year. I am now the Media Specialist at Largo-Tibet Elementary School.
Hayley is now in ninth grade, and Ella is now in fifth grade. Here they are on a Raider spirit day six years ago.
I love being a Media Specialist! Currently, I am working on turning Largo-Tibet's Media Center into a Library Learning Commons.
I went to Georgia Southern University to earn my Masters in Instructional Technology. I learned A LOT!
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