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The Walk

a 26.4 walk on the Boston Marathon course to take back the route and stand against hate and fear

Neni Chacín-Larreal

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of The Walk

The finish line to heal and restore, to take back the route on a quest against hate and fear. The Walk the morning of may 15th 2013, a month after the bombings at the Boston Marathon we started our journey of 26.4 miles walk from Hopkington to Boston on a lovely perfect spring day with known and unknown athletes friends. The media was there to record our first thoughts:

http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/hopkinton/2013/05/one_month_later_victims_suppor.html It was such an excitement to see each water mark on the road but more excitement was to share with people along the route who cheered, joined us for short periods, stopped with their trucks to share their emotions and support. they were with us all along the way. Gratifying moments We had reached our half way point, just in time for some well deserved pizza with chicken and veggies at Paparazzi in Wellesley. Half marathon 13.1 recognizing when is time to stop is a sign of inner strength, wisdom and love for yourself. We honor our hero Elaine who endured 21 miles of walking! What an amazing accomplishment for a marathon swimmer! The strongest are the wisest! Oh what a journey!! new friends, new feelings.
We took back the route, we healed our hearts,
we tested our spirits and bodies, we talked a lot,
we proved that hate and fear will not stop us.

We are stronger, bonded, united, we are:

BOSTON STRONG! the Walk till the end with a smile!
Thanks for sharing this journey White and purple symbol of peace and spirituality! Thank you!! There at Solas an irish pub under the lenox hotel, we met our drivers, Eliot and Bert for a nice well deserved meal. Thanks guys for your help on the route, providing transportation, support along the way and meds at the end ;) We had finally reached the town of Boston! we could see the Citgo sign and the hair salon Wavelengths in Brookline had just given us a potty break!! Our last important stop, the second bombing site at the Forum. Our almost final stop, the Finish line! We waited for the red line on exeter st and there we were jogging till the finish line all together as ONE! the tv vans did not notice what had just happened but we knew how long of a journey of hills, rain and thoughts about this past month we had gone through. our final stop was to pay respect at the temporary shrine at Copley sq. Our shelter companions were these beautiful japanese maple trees. That kept us dry along the final steps As we approach denser city life we had our own Boston police escort. Pansies ... and by the strength inside us we kept going and going without battery replacement ;) until the town of ... Our first real stop was at this flower store where a nice lady offered to join us. Right after our first "church pee stop", we saw lovely signs that kept us inspired. Right at the start line, our journey began.

We didn't know how long we would endure but we knew we would! Off we went at a good clip, 15 min mile.
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