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Voice Writing

No description

shirah villios

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Voice Writing

Voice Writing
Not quite me
What is voice writing?
Your voice separates from your writing.
If you don't speak from the heart it's not your voice.
Your voice is distinctly yours, what you truly think and feel.
And it is simply your personality coming through your writing.
Giving it personality, flavor and style.
- Think about who your reader is, direct your writing.
- Write with confidence, you know your subject so write like it!
- Write like YOU, your original with your own personal experiences and style. So why not show it?
- Be yourself.
- Don't try to impress your reader.
- Be passionate.
- SHOW don't tell.

People understand what I'm saying but it won't have any feeling in it.
My words are coming out here and there but they keep disappearing.
My writing is good but it's not quite me.
I've done a lot of telling but now it's time to show.
Being Individual
I've expressed my feelings and shown it's really me.
People can tell I'm talking right to them.
My paper has emotion in it; People know how I'm feeling.
I'm not being shy, I'm telling everyone what's on my mind.
When you read it you can tell that I'm the one that wrote this and that it would be something that I would say.
I've shown people so they can tell without me having to.
Stages of Improving your "voice" in your writing.
By:Shirah and Lillea
It's hard to tell that I actually wrote it; It doesn't really sound like something I would say.
I'm not comfortable telling everyone how I feel and end up hiding them.
My paper only tells and doesn't show.
I don't use any description; "She's cool", "That was fun", etc.
Thanks for listening to our prezi and we hope you learned how to improve your writing!
Before & After:
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