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South Carolina River Systems

We explore the natural and man made water ways familiar to South Carolina and travel from the water's beginning in the Appalachia Mountains to it's final destination, the Atlantic Ocean.

Cayce Stackhouse

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of South Carolina River Systems

South Carolina River Systems cgd Four Main River Systems: Coastal Zone SC 3rd grade S.S. Standard: 3-1: Places, Regions, and Geography 3-1.1 Identify on a map the location and characteristics of significant physical features of South Carolina, including landforms; river systems such as the Pee Dee River Basin, the Santee River Basin, the Edisto River Basin, and the Savannah River Basin; major cities; and climate regions. 3.1-2 Interpret thematic maps of South Carolina places and regions that show how and where people live, work, and use land and transportation 3.1-3 Categorize the six geographic regions of South Carolina-the Blue Ridge Mountain Region, the Piedmont, the Sand Hills, the Inner Coastal Plain, the Outer Coastal Plain, and the Coastal Zone-according to their different physical and human characteristics. 3.1-4 Explain the effects of human systems on the physical landscape of South Carolina over time, including the relationship of population distribution and patterns of migration to natural resources, climate, agriculture, and economic development. and the 6 geographical regions Santee River System Great Pee Dee River System Savannah River System Which river system do we live closest to? Why are our rivers so important to us? The Great Pee Dee? The Savannah?? The Santee!! Let's Share
with a Buddy! Edisto River System The Edisto?? Do you have any river.. stories?
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