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All About Me

No description

Jasmeet Brar

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
Multiple Intelligences
I am Interpersonal because I understand people. I like working with others as well as helping them.
Personality Type
My true colors are blue because I have most of the qualities for blue.
Teamwork and Leadership
I am a supporter because I work with the team and help out. I give ideas and work with the group. I do like to lead once in a while if it is needed but I usually just work with everyone.
Achievements, Interests and Hobbies
I like to draw, dance, cook, and bake.
What Am I Proud Of?
I am proud of......

My Dancing Skills
My Social Skills
I am Caring
Why Am I Proud?
I am proud because I dance/perform at parties. I talk to most people and I am a easy person to talk to. I have a lot of good friends. I am very caring, I like taking care of people, and helping.
By: Jasmeet Brar
What Jobs Suit the Results
I am a people person I like to take care of people, helping out, I can cooperate with most people, and I can talk/interact with people all day.
Why are these my Interests?
I am very help full, I talk to almost everyone, I like listening to other people’s opinions. I can talk to people all day and I can cooperate with almost everyone.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Social Worker
Personality Type
My personality type is helper because i like helping people.
Why This is My Personality
I love helping people and I am always the person who would be helping someone.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Why I am Interpersonal
I love listening to people and I listen to what other people want to say. I try to understand other people point of view.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Learning Skills
I am a visual learner. I learn better by looking at things so that I understand more.
Why I am a Visual Learner
I usually have to have a visual aspect on things such as assignments so that I know more and I understand how to do it.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Why I am Blue
I am blue because I am sensitive, caring, loving, help full, inspiring, supportive, and a good listener.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Social worker
Personal Management
I am not that active but I still do some active things. I do eat healthy most of the time.
How I Manage Myself
I do some activities such as doing squats, sit ups, running, push ups, and dancing. I eat healthy most of the time but I still like to be unhealthy once in a while.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Business Person
Why I am a supporter
When working with a group I always help out. I do the same amount of work as anyone else in the group. I would lead if it is needed but otherwise everyone just works together.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Right Brain/Left Brain
I am right brained because I use my right brain more. I am artistic and I listen to my heart and I do whatever I feel like doing.
Why I am Right Brained
I am very artistic and I don’t think before I do things. If I feel like doing something I just do it I don’t think of the consequences.
What Jobs Suit the Results
Why I like to do these Things
I like to draw, dance, cook, and bake. I all of these activities in my spare time.
What Jobs Suit the Results
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