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Algebra 1

Prezis for each day

Sabrina Roberts

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Algebra 1

Volume level = 0
Seat every other seat
During the test...
Fly solo
Cheating will result in a zero and a pass to redirection
No calculator UNLESS you are allowed a calculator on the ECA
Raise your hand silently if you have a question
I cannot help, I can only answer clarifying questions
Once you finish,
turn it in to Ms. Roberts
you are welcome to sleep or listen to music
you cannot go in the hallway, you cannot talk

Volume level ZERO
Fly solo on the Do Now you picked up as you walked in
We will begin when the music stops
Raise your hand silently if you need help
Look through your study guide if you finish early
Your job...
1. Place your do now in a pile on a desk in the front row
2. Place your packet in a separate pile
3. Put up chairs
Do Now
Talk to the Text
Volume level = 2
Your job...
Look through your packet and make sure all the text in your packet is "marked up"
If it is not, skim the passage and mark up the text
Partner Work
Volume level = very quiet 3
Your job...
Work with your table partner
Answer the questions assigned in the time given
Double check your answers if you finish before the timer goes off
Raise your hand silently for help
You have _____ minutes
Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. It is that we are powerful beyond measure.

1. Represent data from the dice experiment in tables and graphs
2. Calculate probability
Volume level = 0
Your job...
Work independently to answer the questions on the last page
If you finish before the timer, check you have everything on the rubric to get all the points possible
Orange Paper
Use the first 20 minutes of class to write notes from the study guide onto the orange paper
You can use this paper while you take this test
Final Exam
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