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motion and design

No description

jordan hurt

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of motion and design

pushing or pulling an object can make the object go anywhere which changes he potition and the way its heading (position). engery is needed to make machines move beacuse moving air is sometimes captured by wind mills and help make energy and gravity does beacuse gravity pushes objects down which creates energy. An unbalanced force is needed to change and objcets position and direction beacuse
if it was balanced it would just sit still and not move. force,friction,interia,and momentum all effect
motion beacuse they all have to deal with How fast
or how somyhing moves from a place to another place people can usesimple machines to solve problems like if somthing
fell apart you just have to is get a hammer and some
some nails and fix it. Møtion and design :D
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