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Pink Floyd Night School

No description

Orlando Brown

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Pink Floyd Night School

Orlando Brown
Professor Gilchrist

Pink Floyd Night School
Born in 1952 in Malden, Massachusetts

Mark Edmundson
Pink Floyd Night School
Main Point
Pink Floyd Night School
He earned a PH.D. in English from Yale University and attended Bennington College in Vermont.
Edmundson has written numerous books and essay's on cosumerism (promotion and protection of the interst of consumers) and popular culture.
He also has an interest in rock music which is one of the reasons he wrote this essay.
Their work and live shows were very complex and elaborate which allowed for them to sell more than 200 million albums.
Background Information
Pink Floyd was a famous band that formed in London in 1965 and reached worldwide popularity by the late 1970's and early 80's
After graduating from college and obtaining your degree, would you like to relax and kick back for a while like the main character did? Or would you prefer to jump right into your career?
Write atleast one or two paragraphs explaining what you would prefer to do.
Its about a young man who did not know what he wanted to do after graduating college, so he decided to take it slow. He spent 5 years doing different jobs such as a cab driver, crewman on a ship, movie theater manager, doorman, etc.
His most memorable job was a gig on the stage crew for a rock production company. One night he got to experience how the band Pink Floyd came up with their well elaborated ideas for their concert.
One of those ideas was having an inflatable canopy roof over the stage. So at the end of the concert the stage crew cut the canopy loose and while laughing they watched it float away. Which in a sense represented a college student graduating and going off into the world.
He asks his students the old question "What are you doing after graduation?"
He becomes worried because he thinks they are deciding too soon and that they should learn to take it slow as he had done.
35 years later the young man is now a college pofessor
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