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OWYP business plan

Business Plan Presentation for Advisory Council Meeting, Feb 20, 2010

Jeff Arak

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of OWYP business plan

One World Youth ProJect business plan presentation for Advisory council meeting, Feb 20, 2010
Connecting Communities for Youth Action.

Our vision is a just world built through the actions of empowered, discerning and empathetic generations of global citizens.

One World Youth Project is a youth-for-youth powered movement linking schools globally in service-learning to prepare the next generation for the globalized 21st Century.
• We believe in creating global networks while strengthening local communities.
• We believe all communities have assets and challenges. We believe youth can learn the value of their own community by sharing that community with others.
• We believe in adapting our program offerings to meet each classroom and campus’s unique culture.
• We believe in empowering youth to understand the difference between direct peer-to-peer dialogue versus “communication” through intermediaries such as the media, politicized discourse and the global economy.
• We believe in promoting equal partnerships between schools, which result in rich cultural exchange rather than perpetuating the “West for Rest” conceptual trap.
• We believe intercultural communication breaks down barriers and builds bridges that lead to social change.
• We believe the end does not justify the means.
• We value OWYP participants as collaborators rather than just as the population we serve.
• We believe in nurturing young people’s natural tendency toward empathy.
OWYP connects schools globally for collaborative learning and community service. We enhance existing curriculum to prepare youth for the increasingly globalized society in which they exist while simultaneously helping educators continue to meet state and national educational standards. OWYP provides youth with a deeper understanding of the connections that exist in the world, consistent opportunities for conversations with peers abroad, practice with applying empathy, and a stronger connection to their local community through community mapping and hands-on service-learning. We deliver these services to hundreds of young people through two interlinking programs...
Organization Description
OWYP Network
Connects clients
through 2 tiers of trainings
Local communities :)
OWYP staff enable university students to be
effective cross-cultural facilitators and
secondary school educators
who then train Project ambassadors
to work with secondary school students
Campus Coordinators
Project Ambassadors
Project Ambassadors work in local secondary schools
secondary school students engage in service learning,
Eventually benefiting the entire local communty
Recruiting Human Resources
Developing Human Resources


Recruit Partners
Train Partners Participants
Connect Schools Youth
Support Partners
Measure Impact
Sustain Impact
Create Capacity
Create Demand
Facilitated peer-to-peer global conversations that cultivate empathy.

Customized curriculum on global/local connections.

Well-managed service-learning.

Four Tools Are Missing:
One World Youth Project
Brings Empathy into the classroom
Takes the burden off of teachers
Prepares youth for 21st century
Financial review
OWYP Business plan
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