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Nicholas Krilis

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Process Analysis Essay What is a Process Analysis Essay? A process analysis essay explains in step-by-step fashion how something works, is done, or is made. The information in a process analysis essay must be accurate, clear, and easy to follow.
An example of this would be drinking a water bottle This is an example of Process Analysis because each step is in a specific order. To proceed to the next step you must finish the previous one. Drinking From a Bottle Remove Lid Drink the water Close Lid Two types of
Process Analysis Essays Directional Informational A directional based essay keeps your audience in mind it lets the audience have a better understanding of the essay.
Don't skip any details when writing, do not assume the audience knows what you are talking about A informational based essay gives basic info on subjects that the reader is curious about.
This type of essay does not need as much detail as the directional type however it still requires some detail Characteristics Anticipates Trouble Spots
and Offers Solutions Visualizing Provides Detail Organized
Chronologically A process analysis usually contains a clear thesis that identifies the process to be discussed and suggests the attitude or approach towards it. The thesis statement also tells why the process is important or useful. The steps or events in a process analysis essay are usually organized in chronological order from start to finish. In deciding the level of detail to include in a process analysis essay, be careful not to overwhelm readers with too many technical details. In a process analysis essay you need to anticipate potential trouble spots or areas of confusion and offer advice on how to avoid or resolve them. When your primary purpose is to explain a process, you should follow this format. The introduction should include background information and present the thesis statement. The body paragraphs should explain the steps of the process in chronological order. The conclusion should draw the essay to a close and refer back to the thesis. The Essay I Sing the Song of My Condo by Evelyn Lau pg 275 Summary: It is about a man who goes through the process of how to become a renter to a homeowner and the many emotions that can have an effect on an individual when buying their first home. In the end he becomes something that he never wanted to become, which was a homeowner in a lot of debt. Thesis “Late in the spring of last year, my fancy turned to thoughts of real estate and I joined the growing ranks of Canadians in their 20’s who were looking for their first homes.”

This thesis highlights the main focus on the essay which is becoming a first home owner. He also states that it is something he wanted to do, in the essay you see that he does not like renting homes. The Mood The mood of the essay is stressful because it shows the stress that a person can experience when having something of their own. The mood is also envious because when he goes to these house warming parties that his friends invite him to he feels a sense of envy because he does not own his own house yet. Seeing all of his friends becoming homeowners is what really sparks his drive to get his own house. Literary Devices Imagery: a picture created by a writer using adjectives that gives the reader a vivid impression (mental picture) of what or who is being described. ex. “I was surrounded by half-a-dozen empty bedrooms, Jacuzzis and soaker tubs and murderous chandeliers in the marble foyer. Resentment blazed in me.” (pg 276 paragraph 11) When you read this you can see a picture of what he is describing. Now because this is descriptive you can tell that this author is using a directional type essay. The Tone The tone of this essay is worried, scared, and stressful. The person buying the house is worried about making a bad decision or not having enough money this is also being scared or being stressed out. ex. “When I slept I was tortured by dreams in which I walked through beautiful apartments that were within my price range, then just as I pulled out my checkbook I would wake up.” (pg 277 paragraph 23) Having these dreams are teasing the man which makes him more worried about the events to come. And Now For a
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