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Video Game Designer

talks about the highlights of being a Video Game Designer

Jasemine Jackson

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Video Game Designer

Programming by: Jasemine Jackson The branch of the career I'm interested in is creating the actual story and framework of the game. This job would require a Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts/ Science Other branches of design include: Salary: $93,000
Degree: Game Programming Video Game Designing Video Game Designing is one of the highest demanding and rewarding job in the world. Since its creation, the popularity steadily grows every year. And with every it grows, the wanting to become part of its creation climbs as well (with an outlook of 30% for 2006-2016 For a while now, I've wanted a job that I can explore my imagination. Then it hit me, I'm already an avid video game player, so why not make them too! I knew that I needed specialized education to pursue such a career. There are a few schools out that offer courses to train students to become designers: The Art Institutes
Full Sail University
DeVry University
Savannah College of Art and Design
The University of Baltimore
New York Film Academy
ect. However, I also knew that the education would be expensive Audio and Sound Designer Also getting a job during the summer or being under a work study program is also a good way to pay for books and equipment need for each class There are many scholarships the schools offer. Such as: Poster Design Contest
Merit and Alumni Scholarships
other scholarships pertaining to the school But there is no way you can fund going to ANY school without some form of money producing tactic (job, scholarship, grants, loans, etc..) Plus, there are annual scholarships given out by companies and franchises such as Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Wendy's, etc. TRADE SCHOOL Depending on what major, Trade school can range from $89,000 to $103,000 for all 3 or 4 year on tuition alone. CAREER Designer's salaries varies depending on the location of their work, but the average salary is $73,500 - $89,000. Salary: $83,000
Degree: Music Technology Game Testers Salary: $48,000
No specified degree required Business Marketers Salary: $102,000
Degree: Business and Marketing This career can open doors to many opportunities outside of gaming itself WORK CITED PAGE

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