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All About Plot

No description

Eric Draper

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of All About Plot

Initiating Event
Rising Action
Falling Action
The conclusion of the story;
the situation at the end
The sequence of events
resulting from the climax;
loose ends get tied up.
The turning point;
you begin to know how the conflict will end
A series of events which build
tension or suspense, as the main
character struggles with the conflict
The event that triggered
the main conflict in the story
(MAY occur before story has even started)
The introduction to the story
where characters, setting (place and time),
and the basic situation are given
Setting: Mentions India, a dinner party underway in a country house
Characters: Introduces Colonel, host, hostess, young girl, and American naturalist
Situation: they are arguing whether men or women are best in a crisis
The American naturalist notices a strange
look on the hostess' face, and tries to
discover the problem
He notices a bowl of milk being set outside, and
guesses that a snake is in the house
He uses logic to conclude that
the snake is under the table
He calls for a no-movement game
to avoid disturbing the snake
The snake shoots out from the
table and all scream
The colonel decides that this
proves that a man is better in a crisis
It turns out that the hostess
had had the snake on her foot
the entire time
Sometimes stories conclude
very soon after the climax
Occasionally, they don't even
HAVE a climax (cliffhanger)
Let's review
"The Dinner Party"
by Mona Gardner
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