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Ava Clark How do clouds get their shape?

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maryann carroll

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Ava Clark How do clouds get their shape?

How do clouds get their shape?
how do they form?
Stratus clouds are known as clouds that appear as sheets or layers.
different types of clouds
how do they change shape
Water that has evaporated from oceans, rivers and lakes, or plants and moist soil cause clouds to form.
Particles called condensation nuclei, soon forms to be the center of each droplet. Most of the nuclei is made of chemical reactions involving ammonia and sulfuric.
Also, some condensation nuclei have tiny particles in them like dust and particles from smoke.
Also, many clouds change often, as new ice crystals or droplets form in parts of the cloud and the rest evaporates in to others.
Moving air and the actions of the wind cause clouds to change.
Some moving cirrus clouds come close together they start to thicken and start to merge to form cirrostratus clouds.
Cumulus clouds are big heaped masses of white because the prefix cumulo- means heap or pile.
The clouds that appear curly are the cirrus clouds because the prefix cirro- means curl.
High clouds which form entirely from ice crystals which are cirrocumulus, cumulus, and cirrus.
Nimbostratus, altostratus, and altocumulus clouds are known as middle clouds.
by Ava Clark
www.world bookonline.com
Title: cloud

Title: clouds
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