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GVC Review and Fitness

No description

Brady Beers

on 10 April 2017

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Transcript of GVC Review and Fitness

1. How was your weekend?
2. Science Starters
3. Biological Fitness Activity
4. Review
5. Kahoot
Science Starter #1
Science Starter #2
Which of these organisms has come to be through the process of artificial selection?
A. Giraffe
B. House Cat
C. Gray Wolf
D. Caterpillar
Which of these birds exhibits the highest level of biological fitness?
A. This bird had 8 offspring and 2 of them died
B. This bird had 11 offspring and 4 of them died.
C. This bird had 6 offspring and 3 of them died.
D. This bird had 1 offspring and it lived.
So, what is biological fitness?
An organisms ability to survive and reproduce.
Let's Talk About Peppered Moths...
When was it?
What happened?
Why did this happen?
Habitat A
Habitat B
Species of Animal
Natural Event
Adaptation 1
Adaptation 2
Species of Animal
Be able to define
Natural Selection
Common Ancestor
Peppered Moth
Be able to explain what happened to the Peppered Moths
Be able to determine what the favorable trait is
Be able to determine what adaptations an organisms needs or has
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