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Jazz Form

No description

Emily Loboda

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Jazz Form

Jazz Form
The Concept of Improvisation
(This means take a guess at what the definition is....hint hint)
Form is the overall structure or plan of a piece of music.... in other words how the different parts of a piece of music are put together.
Jazz Form
Three main sections
Head, Improvisation, head out
Head out
The Head??????????
The head is a set composed melody that fits over chord changes
Chord changes CAN be the same from tune to tune. What makes it different is the melody or the head that is written over the chord changes
There are two very common head forms
What are they you ask???
12-bar blues, AABA or song form

12-Bar blues
Common chord progression in different keys with different heads
Using 12-bars....usually repeated
Chord Progression
Same chord progression
Same chord progression
Can be repeated
AABA or Song Form
Letters stand for different melodies
A- Melody #1
B- Melody #2
AABA= Melody #1x2+Melody #2+Melody #1
Rhythm Changes
Concept of Improvisation:
Spontaneous creation of music.
NOT completely random
Composing on the spot
Thinking about what you want to hear
Journal 2

Questions to Answer:
1. Is it 12-bar blues or AABA form? How do you know?
2. What time marking does the improvisation start?
And at what time marking does the head out start?
3. What instruments do you hear?
4. Is it a thick or thin texture? Why?
5. Tell me something you like about each tune.
Form doesn’t matter. Try and use sentences for #4 and#5

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