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Copy of EOZ Films and Movie Genres

ESL lesson on going to the Movies and Movie Genres

mike lui

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Copy of EOZ Films and Movie Genres

Going to the MOVIES Genres Action Movies Explosions Guns Stuntmen Comedy Funny Laughing Jokes Romance Love Thriller Suspense Drama excitment Horror Scary Monsters and demons Western Cowboys Indians Horses Gun Fights Science Fiction Sci-Fi Aliens Future Robots Outer Space Big Budget History Battles Drama Sad True story The Cinema Movie Ticket Ticket Counter Buying a ticket Inside the cinema Seats Aisles The Screen Movie projector Snacks Popcorn and soft drink Characters= people in the film Family Movies ghosts Historical Who did it ? Horror War movies Fantasy soliders guns fighting historic event space ships set in another world magic different planets evil Plot = the story Genre = The ‘type’ or ‘kind’ of story that the movie is about. Review lets vei Avatar Action horror science fiction thriller rom com western war lion king family movie pride lands it has a lion a prince who becomes king he becomes king They are on a different planet and everything is new . Avitar Jake Sully Science fiction Romantic comedy War film A love story A horror film A historical drama A Science fiction film 1.Action 2.Horror Fast cars Guns, Explosions Shooting Hero Scary Monsters Ghosts Evil Spaceship Aliens Different planet Stars 3.Science Fiction 4.Thriller Murder Mystery Confusing who did it Funny man Funny woman Cupids arrow They live
happy ever
after 5.Romantic comedy 6.Western 7.War Cowboy Indian Bow and arrow Horse Soldiers Set in the past Historic event Guns
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