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Beginning Band Orientation

No description

Michelle Higby

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Beginning Band Orientation

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Welcome to Beginning Band

Each student is different (braces, etc)
A band is like a football team...
All students start on a wind instrument
No percussion until later in the year
We want every student to feel successful!
Choosing an instrument..
Must pick at least one from the following:
Alto Saxophone (only 3-4 students)
Instrument options: Woodwinds
Must pick at least 1 from the following:
Later in the year, french horn!
Instrument options: Brass
No decisions made tonight!!!
... Next week...
Most students rent
Instrument Fair @ CHMS 9/11 from 6-7:30
Music and Arts
$20 for first 3 months, $27.99/month afterward
Alto Sax: $39.99/first 3 months, $39.99/month afterward
Must supply a major credit or debit card and driver's license/gov't issued ID
Rent/Purchase Options
Other rental options:
Sam Ash Music (Richmond)
Hand me down instruments
Be careful about condition
Show to Music and Arts on Monday
Other things you will need to purchase:
Book ($8.95)
Wire Stand ($13)
Care supplies
Other options..
For students on free/reduced lunch
All tubas, euphoniums, french horns, oboes, bassoons, bass clarinets are school owned (and students DO NOT need to be on free/reduced lunch to play these instruments!)
Please do not let money be the reason you get frustrated with band. Come talk to me. :)
School instruments
Turn in all forms to table outside of band room
Sweatshirt money is not due tonight but will be accepted
Keep instrument testing survey with you and bring to your interview tonight
Forms, forms, and more forms!
Practices and turns in all practice records (every Monday)
Is prepared for weekly Wednesday performance quizzes
Attends all rehearsals and concerts (review purple attendance contract)
Is always prepared for class with instrument, book, and pencil
Has everything labeled with their name and folder slot
Is always excited to learn and be a part of BAND!
A successful band student..
Always encourages their child to practice, even if sounds are not always pleasant
Sets up mini- concerts for child to show off to grandparents, family members, etc
Stays up to date with child's grade via PowerSchool
Volunteers to help out with band boosters
A successful band parent...
Band Boosters!
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