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How was paper made and Why was it made in Ancient china?

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ben male

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of How was paper made and Why was it made in Ancient china?

How did chinese make paper?
Do chinese people still use paper?
Yes. but paper is less expansive and is made out of diferent materials and easier to make and write on.
How paper moved through Asia and the world
So When was paper made?
Well why did Ancient chinese people make paper?
How was paper made and Why was it made in Ancient china?
Ancient Chinese paper appears to have been made by from a suspension of hemp waste in water, washed, soaked, and beaten to a pulp with a wooden mallet.
Ancient chinese people made paper to write if invasions were coming, to start to write history and send important messages.

Paper moved through Asia at a rapid rate. everyone wanted paper but it was very expansive and presious at this time. Paper making than moved to Korea and started to get less expansive at this time. Korea then started to trade paper to other countries lke Italy and the demand from paper rose across Italy. It soon spread across the world and became one of the greatest invensions that China invented
Ancient chinese paper was made 105 AD by the emperor Ts'ai Lun.
By Ben Male
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