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The Freedom Writers

No description

Amira Van Buren Van Buren

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Freedom Writers

By: The Freedom Writers The Freedom Writers
Diary Begining The Freshman English class is filled with mostly juvenile delinquents and Ms.Gruwell is unsure of herself. She tries teaching them grammar,writing,and spelling but it doesn't work out. They all hated her. Ms.Gruwell tries to understand the students situations but they insist she has no idea what they are going through. To get through to them, and try to understand them, Ms.Gruwell tries different things. Ms.Gruwell has the students write in a diary every night,about their feelings,experiences,it doesn't matter as long as we write. The Freedom Writers begin their Freshman year with Ms.Gruwell and initially dislike her. She tries to show her students that even though they are not the same skin color,they are still the same in so many ways. Racisim ( Eva tells the truth and later gets jumped just because she did not defend her "kind") Abuse, Juvenile trouble Ms.Gruwell eventually earns the students trust and respect and that is how their adventure began. The Freedom writers read many challenging books like The Diary Of Anne Frank, and more.
Ms.Gruwell gets extra jobs just so her students can have nice new books to read. As things are starting to get better for everyone,two racial cliques were at the same place,at the same time. Two of the guys had gotten in a gang fight earlier and still had tension. Sadly one clique was there at the wrong time. Ms.Gruwell tells them they might no be together senior year. For their last assignment the freedom writers put all their diary entries into one and made a book. We are all equal We are a family We are all beautiful Color does not define us
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