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Method Acting

Is it the best approach towards acting?

Nida Zafar

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Method Acting

Method Acting Is it the Best Approach Towards Acting? Revolutionization of Motion Pictures
Industry by the introduction of 'Method Acting' Introduced by Lee Strasberg Famous American director, actor,
and subsequently an acting teacher Promoted the use of imagination
to get into the mind of the character. By doing this, actors could harness real emotions rather than fake ones in portraying their characters on screen. The effectiveness of this
technique shown by lee's students. Dustin Hoffman Robert DeNiro Al Pacino Paul Newman Daniel Day-Lewis 15 movies in 20 years of
professional acting career Won two Oscars ‘In the name of the father’ Day-Lewis put method acting into full use with his performance as Christy Brown which won him numerous awards, including his first Oscar Playing a severely paralyzed
character on screen He even broke two ribs during
filming from assuming a hunched-over
position in his wheelchair for so many weeks. ‘My Left Foot’ Gangs of New York Bill The Butcher Became an
apprentice butcher This performance won
him his 2nd Oscar Played one of the prisoners
who were wrongfully convicted
of a bombing Spent stretches of time
in a prison cell Insisted the crew members to
throw cold water
at him and verbally abuse him Questions ? ? ? ?
? ?
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