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Technology in the future

No description

Ashleigh C

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Technology in the future

We have constructed a computer. When you shop online, and find something that you like. You pay for it via the internet and click print. whatever you have purchased will automatically print through the 3-D printer.
Online Shopping
As we travel further into the future information chips will exist. The way these works is that there are different little chips for different things in life. You insert them into a band on your wrist and it sends the information to your brain.
We have created a machine that scans you body. It will detect if you are injured, or sick and it will also detect your feelings.
In the future kids will have private robot tutors. When they are no longer needed the robot shrink and are able to fit into your pocket.
Technology of the future
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Kitchen

We have constructed a machine that cleans up all the rubbish at night when everyone is asleep so that when they wake up the city will be clean. This machine has a silent function so it won't wake anyone up
Technology in the Home
Young peoples lives in the future
Hologram Face time
By Dior, Ella, Ashleigh and Emily
Future of the Kitchen
We've created a supermarket in your pantry. It saves you from using your car. This will save you money from buying petrol. There is everything in the shop, just like a supermarket
We have constructed a robotic machine that cooks your dinner for you and all you have to do grab the ingredients from your pantry (supermarket) and click what meal you want from your iPad
In the future we will be able to face-time people through holograms. Two people in completely different places will be able to talk to each other with visuals, like face time, but instead of having to carry around an ipad, computer or phone we can use holograms with a watch/wristband to wear that we can use to project the other person. This would also work with any sort of images.
These robot tutors will teach the children maths, spelling, reading and so on. The robot has a system where you can change the education level of your child. So it is easier and that they are pushed enough.
Sport Technology in the future
We have made a machine that recognizes your voice. You say the utensils you need such as a plate and it will instantly appear for you to use.
In the future kids who are part of a sports team will have a simulator that makes them feel like they are playing the game. This will save money and time. When the game is finished the kids just turn off the simulator and continue with their lives
Robot Tutors
Helping peoples lives!
This person isn't very healthy
Thanks for listening
Online Shopping
Hi Guys
Here is a clip about furniture in the future
Hope you enjoy
This person is sad because they have broken there bone :(
Sport Technology
Information Movers
Robot Tutors
Information movers
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