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5 Tourist Attractions in the 5 Regions of Georgia

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Sydney J.

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of 5 Tourist Attractions in the 5 Regions of Georgia

Tourist Attractions in the 5 Regions of Georgia
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The Plateau is located in the northwest part of Georgia. A well known tourist attraction in the Plateau region of Georgia is Lookout Mountain. It is located in Walker County, but stretches eighty-four miles from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, downtown Gadsden, and Alabama. Lookout Mountain has incredible views of two different valleys: Chattanooga Valley, and Lookout Valley.
Ridge and Valley
The Ridge and Valley region is located north of Georgia. One of the tourist attractions in the Ridge and Valley region is Tallulah Gorge (Tallulah Falls). It is a series of waterfalls throughout the gorge.
Blue Ridge Mountain
The Blue Ridge region is located in northeastern part of Georgia. The Brasstown Bald is the highest mountain in Georgia and also in the Blue Ridge region, 4,783 feet above sea level.
In the Piedmont region there are a lot of tourist attractions including Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is one of the world's largest exposed granite formed by a large piece of stone in the Piedmont region. It is 1,686 feet above sea level. Stone Mountain is a tourist attraction that draws approximately 4 million visitors a year.
Coastal Plain
There is an imaginary line that separates the Piedmont region and the Coastal Plain. The Coastal
Plain is located in the southern most part of Georgia. It has many tourist attractions as well including Jekyll Island which is one of the Golden Isles (Barrier Islands) located southeast of the city of Brunswick.
By: Sydney Robinson
4th Period
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