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Revenge Of the Wannabe's- Scrapbook

No description

Stephanie MacIntosh

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Revenge Of the Wannabe's- Scrapbook

Revenge of the Wannabe's -
Lisi Harrison
By: Stephanie MacIntosh Grade 9
Academic English
ISU- Scrapbook Refusal of the Call Alicia is pregnant with persistent and nostalgic contemplations about everything that had occurred over the prior couple of days. Her doubts, and flustered state of mind began to over shadow everything she visualized she was hungry for in life. " Will Massie Block understand, or will it be the end of their friendship as we know it? ", Alicia inquired as she gazed into her reflection, clasping a old karaoke microphone, mimicking a news anchor, in an attempt to clear her mind Another scenario of doubt is when, after Alicia departed from the locker room, she was relieved to spot her driver, Dean, stationed outside, in the limo, because it meant she wouldn't have to stand outside by her self, with the harsh frigid air being a constant reminder about the sleepover she had just confirmed, over Massie Blocks. To make matter worse, Alicia receives an IM notice from Massie, who delivers an exciting update about her weekly sleepover's activities, under the impression that Alicia will be attending; furbishing tired jeans! Alicia questions if she wants to leave the friends, and memories, she knows for knockoff versions. The Character denies, hesitates, or otherwise does not want to leave the life they know to risk what they do not know.
Doubt and stagnation are common attributes in this stage. Road of Trials The character in this stage endures a series of trials or difficulties that are violent, or at least threatening.
Survival improves the character, making them more able than before, and improves their chances of advancing in the quest. One of the trails Alicia endures is a nasty confrontation from Massie, referring to her as an eternal wannabee, or E.W for short, which swiftly amplified to a violent outrage in history class, resulting in a image of a threatening glare fixed in Alicia's mind, a demolished charm bracelet and humiliation in front of peers. Other events that Alicia had to encounter involve Massie pulling the wavering members from the clique absent from her, devastating information about her undercover crush having a girlfriend and being rejected from plans with peers. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," certainly was the outcome in Alicia's case, as she dusted herself off from all the distress and agony, and decided new friends were a preferred option. In the stage, "Road of Trials," Alicia Rivera is occupied by a chain of hardships that generate a mentally unstable state, but donates strength for a greater chance of being capable of proceeding on with her quest. Refusal to Return The Character has changed and enjoys new life, and understands others back home will not understand because they have not completed the quest.
As a result, the character does rejects returning and trying to help others.
Instead they live among the gods, spirits or other special ones, who live as the hero does. Alicia cherishes her fresh, new life as an alpha; being worthy to call the shots, conclude who's in and who's out and and obeying nothing but the commands she puts in place were all part of her new reality. And her new allies, Kori, Strawberry and former chum, Olivia were not as awful as she imagined they'd be, considering they were classified as "Losers Beyond Repair." She surprisingly noticed herself saying expressions she would with her old clique, but more significant, like, "I was having such a good time, I didn't even realize I was home." Alicia is positive that Massie is puzzled by this behavior and is aware that Massie wouldn't be able to comprehend why she would ever be in Alicia's new clique's company. New Clique with position of alpha Old Clique, being controlled by someone Alicia Massie Ultimate Boon Magic Flight The character returns to the heal the damaged setting.
Here the character's flight is considered a magical flight home to share the gifts gained and make right what was wrong.
If the gift gained was taken more than given, stolen more than earned,then the return home is a flight from troubles and the character is pursued.
Sometimes the return is a return to normalcy for the hero who has forgotten what being a human was.
Assistance in the return for the hero is not uncommon as the return can be as complex as the journey to the prize. The character gains a great reward for victory, gaining peace with the world again, and the prize is significant.
This can include powers, immortality, and knowledge paired with understanding that frees the character.
The character tries to share this boon, or benefits others with the spoils of the quest being a success. When Alicia Rivera accesses the "Ultimate Boon" phase, she is rewarded an exceptional prize, that is well- deserved after her extensive expedition to victory, and it is none less than her objective; emerging as the supreme alpha, and a complete new clan is created for her to lead as well. Alicia felt deserted, after the prior few incidents that had occurred with Massie and the crew, so she teamed up with Olivia Ryan's, a past friend to start her own clique, which was her intend all along. They name this group, the "Unbelievably Pretty Committee," as a jab to her former relations, who's name was no longer awing. The duo recruited a punk rock chic, with fiery red hair and alarming piercings, who they nicknamed Strawberry, and an athletic blonde with incredible intelligence by the name of Kori. The two had striking similarities, to Dylan and Kirsten, and with Alicia filling in Massie's role, it was like her old clique was back, the only difference was Alicia previous experiences, taught her how to indulge others with respect, integrity, and openness, because she wasn't treated that way. Respect Integrity Openness and opinions As the result of a "Teen Vogue" photo shoot for the forthcoming holiday issue, the former "Pretty Committee," along with the Alicia's current members, were met face to face for the first moment since damage had been done. Tension, strain and betrayal were all in the atmosphere at the threshold of the event, but eventually a discussion between the two main contenders, Massie and Alicia took place, as the former best friends couldn't resists at chuckling at an old memory that seemed to be magically recreated. A mutual understanding, apologizes and forgiveness were all part of the final result, although it did not seem possible at first, the knowledge and skills both characters retained along the route assisted them in maturing for this conversation. Master of Two Worlds The character knows both worlds,the world before the quest and after.
They understand both world's coexist and have the ability to travel between them because they have gained mastery of two worlds.
Alicia is now familiar with two lifestyles, and understands how and why they both exist, and detects both the positive and negative components to each one. She reflects on her life prior to the quest and praises Massie for her act as the alpha, stating " It's hard doing what you do," and appreciates all the memories she partook in with a circle of girls, she labeled, "life-long best friends." When concluding the world she was involved in after adventure, she discovered that people aside from folks like her, are indeed enjoyable and lively to have as company, and was indebted that she got the opportunity to lead and be in command. Alicia was granted the ability to go between the two worlds, now that she had acquired the pair in reality, so she gets the benefits of pleasurable times with limitations and pleasurable times with no boundaries.
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