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My NASA Social Experience

Presentation for Chabot Space & Science Center's "Venus on Mars" panel.

Susan Bell

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of My NASA Social Experience

My Experience & How You Too Can Get Involved! The NASA Social story begins
with the Twitter @MarsPhoenix: In 2008, @MarsPhoenix was the 7th most-followed account on Twitter. When the mission ended, 130 followers were invited to JPL to meet its scientists & engineers and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Mars program. It was such a successful event, NASA thought, "Maybe we're onto something...." I am Susan Bell, @susanbellfilm,
a TV/film producer & technologist.
I've been lucky enough to participate in multiple NASA Socials, including the August 2012 Curiosity Landing at JPL. credit: Los Angeles Times NASA Social,
aka NASA Tweetup,
has since held over 50 events
at 15 locations involving thousands
of space enthusiasts from all over the
world who share NASA's work through
their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Blogs. "Social media allows us to now connect
directly with the public, who are now able
to communicate directly with their space program." - John Yembrick, NASA Social Media Lead Squeal!!! 1 of 25 spots.
It's like winning the space lottery! DAY 1 My fellow Curiosity Socialites 8:30 AM Welcome & Intros 9:30 AM JPL
Control Speakers
& Demos Clara Ma -She named Curiosity Blowtorch & Aerogel Curiosity's wheel NASA Deputy Director
Lori Garver Ashwin Vasavada
Deputy Project Scientist Flight Systems Chief Engineer Rob Manning
EDL Engineers Adam Steltzner,
Steve Lee and Anita Sangupta Noon Lunch in the JPL cafeteria & group photo time... 1:30 PM 3:00 PM Credit: Rhonda Glennon 6:00 PM The After Social Social! DAY 2 DAY 3 Mars Yard & Clean Room Credit: Brad Snowder Credtt: Rhonda Glennon 9:30AM Mission Status
Conference Afternoon Evening Credit: Brad Snowder Socialite & Rogue
Group Dinner,
PlanetFest Party 9:30AM Mission Status News Conference NASA Social always given time to ask questions! 2:15PM Q&A with NASA
Administrator Charlie Bolden I presented him with the patch
I designed for the NASA Social 3:00PM Another News Conference
& Opportunity to Talk with MSL
Engineers & Scientists Credit: Rhonda Glennon Credit: Dennis Hoffbuhr Heatshield Materials Peanuts for
the EDL team News Media! 7:00PM Special Guest
Time! Credit: Dennis Hoffbuhr Credit: Jill Marie Wil Wheaton Astro Flow, Nichelle Nichols, Will.i.am
(& me) Bill Prady,
Creator "Big Bang Theory" Watched an ISS pass
w/ Seth Green June Lockhart EDL Credit: Dennis Hoffbuhr Credit: Dennis Hoffbuhr The NASA & JPL Social Media Team Credit: Brad Snowder How YOU Can Participate! Be active on social media.
Follow NASA & NASASocial on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
Register for Socials as they are announced at http://www.nasa.gov/connect/social/index.html
Cross your fingers! Because luck is involved. Join us! 7 Minutes of Terror... ...and Curiosity has Landed! Credit: CS Muncy NASA Assoc Administrator
John Grunsfeld
JPL Director Charles Elachi Photos Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
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